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Crumbl Cookies Review Katy, Texas

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Jenn Leach
Jenn Leach
 22 days ago
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In this review I’m gonna take a look at a local favorite called Crumbl Cookies. They're relocated in Katy, Texas with locations across Texas and other parts of the country.

I’ll go over the food, experience and overall impression. Let’s go!

The Food

Crumbl Cookies is a cookie bakery. 

They serve cookies and ice cream. Their cookies are huge. They are the largest cookies I have ever seen a bakery create. 

They have two staple cookies which they serve every single week. And then they have three rotating cookies which are different every week. 

The two staple cookies are their sugar cookie and chocolate chip cookie. 

The sugar cookie is like a soft lofthouse cookie. It’s topped with a light pink buttercream frosting. This cookie is chilled. It’s really sweet, soft, fluffy and the frosting is decadent and the perfect complement to the sugar cookie. 

The chocolate chip cookie is made with milk chocolate chunks. It’s rich and chocolatey. It’s really good to have with an ice cold cup of milk or a cup of hot coffee.

You’ll have a couple different options when ordering from Crumbl.

In some locations they have a drive-through where you can get your cookies without getting out of your car. Other locations offer curbside pick up and regular pick up, along with delivery.

When you walk into the bakery it looks like a cookie factory. You won’t see cases of cookies or sweets but instead you will walk to the checkout counter where they have their cookies of the week displayed. 

You tell the staff what cookies you want and they will box it up and give it to you.

What’s neat about this cookie bakery is that most of the cookies are served warm. It adds a nice touch and it makes them stand out from other competitors. 

What’s on the menu?

Past flavors they have had have included peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, Kentucky butter, mint Oreo, strawberry shortcake, caramel coconut fudge, peanut butter brownie, fruit pizza, and more.

The ice cream they offer you can buy by the half pint and they include unusual flavors like s’mores, hot chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, sea salt toffee, lemon poppyseed and others. 

Their icecreams are pretty good. I’ve had the lemon poppyseed and that was very tasty. At the time that I ordered that icecream, all the other flavors were completely sold out and they had about eight other flavors at the time. It definitely speaks to the popularity of their ice cream flavors.

A box of four cookies runs around $11 or $12. You can order one cookie, a box of four, a dozen or as many as you like.

The Experience

When walking into the bakery you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and smiling faces. I’ve had a good experience here every time.

I’ve never had my order messed up and the only time I’ve had a less than stellar experience is the off chance that the cookie flavor or ice cream flavor that I want is sold out and that’s no fault of theirs.

Overall impression

I rate Crumbl Cookies a 10 out of 10.

Their cookies are huge so don’t expect to be able to polish off an entire cookie in a sitting. They sell cookie cutters that’ll cut the cookie into four bite-size pieces. While I have not invested in that, if you are a diehard cookie fan and you fall in love with Crumbl, it may be well worth it.

If you’re in the greater Houston area, check out Crumbl Cookies.

And if you've been here, comment below to share what you think about Crumbl!