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Indianapolis, IN

T-swirl Crêpe - Incredible Crème Brûlée Crêpe - Indianapolis, Indiana

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Rachel Yerks
Rachel Yerks
 23 days ago
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During our recent trip to Indianapolis, my boyfriend and I stopped at what we thought was a ramen shop. Instead, we found both a ramen shop and a crêpe shop that shared the same building ground floor. The only separation between the food options is a register and different staff working on opposite ends of the floor. We had some amazing ramen at Wei Ramen (review coming) and then we got a lovely crêpe.

Crêpe Review & Price [Affordable!]
Photo by author.

We had ramen at Wei Ramen first, but we accidentally sat in T-swirl Crêpe's seating area in the building. Because of this, I saw their crème brûlée crêpe flash across their promotional screens multiple times while we ate our ramen. I ended up ordering the crème brûlée crêpe with strawberries, but you can decide the fruit that goes in it. It came out to $8.72 including a tip.

I've always been a crêpe fan and crème brûlée and strawberry shortcake are my two favorite desserts, so I had high hopes for this dessert. It was fantastic. The crème brûlée filling was exactly what a traditional crème brûlée tastes like, and it was toasted beautifully. The strawberries were an excellent pairing and were very fresh. I would've gotten a second crêpe if we hadn't grabbed dessert and immediately walked down the street to enjoy the rest of the city.

Final thoughts

I loved my dessert from T-swirl Crêpe. If they were around here, I would have it every day if I could. Thankfully, they seem to be primarily an east coast chain, with the exceptions of Indiana, Texas, and one location in Canada. You can view their locations here.

Along with dessert crêpes, they also serve savory crêpes with meat and both hot and cold teas (see menu). This place truly is a hidden gem; we didn't even know we were walking into a crêpe store! Give them a try; you won't be disappointed.