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Embracing the Pristine Coastline of California at Butterfly Beach

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Anne Bonfert
Anne Bonfert
 24 days ago
The beachDonald Teel/ Unsplash

Summertime is in full swing and vacations have to be planned in advance. If you're planning to explore California's coastline and thought about staying in Santa Barbara for a day or two you should consider looking at the laid-back village of Montecito. This lovely coastal town has everyone one wished for the relaxation of holidays. This tranquil place automatically will calm your mind. Several hiking routes in the mountains behind the city offer breathtaking views of the city of Santa Barbara up to the Channel Islands and beyond.

But this isn't about the hiking trails, the mountains, or other adventures in the backcountry. This is about a beach that is second to none on this coastline. Butterfly Beach is a favorite one among locals and has many reasons for it being.

This beach has one of the most pristine shorelines to offer and is a perfect place for swimming in the ocean. Locals come here to enjoy an amazing surf or simply sunbathe on the beach. Others explore the waves and the beautiful and breathtaking coastline by kayak.

Butterfly beach isn't just visited by locals, but tourists find their way down here too. Adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline-seeking surfers are always to be seen in the water. The beach is actually perfect for everyone. Even families come down and play in the sand and the water. Next to the rather relaxed kayaking one can also rent a stand-up paddleboard and learn the sport which gained a new hype in the last few years.

If you're walking along the beach you can see the islands in the west and if you're lucky you might spot some dolphins or even whales from the beach. Pet lovers often come here to walk their dogs since dogs are permitted but have to be on the leash.

You can get to Butterfly Beach from Downtown are in a 10-minute drive or you could rent a bike and cycle down from Stearns Wharf. This could be to your advantage if planning to visit the beach on a busy holiday or weekend when parking is rather scarce.

Because of its unique location, you can embrace sunrises and sunsets on the beach.

So what are you waiting for? Head out for your next beach day and embrace the sand and water, and have fun in the sun.


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