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Gainesville, FL

4 Movies that were filmed in Gainesville

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Gainesville is the largest city in Alachua County and in North Central Florida. In 2019 the US Census Bureau estimated Gainesville’s population at 133,997. Gainesville is home to the University of Florida, the fifth-largest public university campus by enrollment in the United States.

Gainesville is known to be a place “where nature and culture meet.” It offers amazing 30+ miles of bike hiking trails while spotting wildlife like birds, bison, wild horses, or alligators in seven areas of Florida state parks.

Some of the movies filmed in this city are mentioned below.

All Underdogs Go to Heaven (2021):

This movie is written by Ines Aitsahalia, Morgan Carmen, Jeremy Desmon (supervising writer). The story revolves around young yet determined teenagers who struggle to get an underdog ball team to win, along with the help of their coach.

In order to revive and bring the failing Partham Polliwogs, Ball coach John Yossarian Speed and consultant Stacy Callahan team up to recruit the ultimate underdog team and make it win. They choose a youngster Bobby McBean and some more students with different enthusiastic personalities to make this process worthwhile and learn what Ball really is about.

Filming Locations:

Gainesville, Florida

Palm Coast, Florida

Sherman Oaks, California

Truckee, California

Denver, Colorado

Princeton, New Jersey

Run the Race (2018):

This movie is written by Jake McEntire (screenplay)(story), Jason Baumgardner (screenplay), Chris Dowling (screenplay) and it is directed by Chris Dowling. This drama, sports movie has a tagline “The weight of the world. The love of a brother.” The story revolves around two brothers who during their high school sports time goes through different phases which further strengthens their bonds of brotherhood.

During the backdrop of High school football and track, two brothers in a small town face surging problems that test their bond. Stuck with this bond of never-ending brotherhood and two different world views, straining- but ultimately strengthening - the bonds of brotherhood. At the end of their trials, they become closer than ever.

Filming Locations:

Gainesville, Florida

Bessemer, Alabama

Leeds, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

Paperback (2015):

This comedy romance is written and directed by Adam Bowers. The story revolves around a pizza cook who never left his college town and now finds his eternal love and meets the woman of her dreams. But he soon finds out that there is a huge hurdle standing between his love life and himself.

When a pizza cook who never left his college town is working his regular daily shift is given a number by a beautiful woman, he immediately falls in love. But soon he realizes that the woman he fell in love with is the wife of his best friend who recently moved back to the town. Stuck between his best friend and the woman of her dreams, betrayal sweeps in and now he has to make some tough decisions.

Filming Locations:

Gainesville, Florida

The Hawk is Dying (2006):

This movie is written by Harry Crews (novel) and Julian Goldberger and it is directed by Julian Goldberger. This drama movie is about a man who when stricken with a family tragedy becomes obsessed with taming a wild hawk. He tries to train a wild creature that would rather die than give in.

George Gatling (Played by Paul Giamatti) works as upholstery, but his true skill and talent is the ancient art of falconry. He shares the same skill and passion with his nephew, Fred (Played by Michael Pitt), so they decide to train a hawk together but immensely fail. In the end, they both capture a red-tailed hawk and try to train it but fail again. But after George is struck with a family tragedy, he refuses to eat and sleep and becomes obsessed to win the hawk’s trust.

Filming Locations:

Gainesville, Florida

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