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3 Movies that were filmed in McAllen

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 13 days ago
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McAllen is a charming city as the city is located at the southern tip of the state in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley.

The city is home to 143,268 residents and this is the fifth most populous metropolitan area in the state of Texas. McAllen was one of the major cities where the state’s irrigation took place and currently the city's economy is mainly based on international trades.

By being on a beautiful valley, the city has provided great locations for many successful movies and some of them are as follows.

You Are My Home (2020)

A fantasy written by Flo Krisko, Marion Milner, Tara Pirnia, and directed by Amanda Raymond.

Alexandra is a young girl who loses her mother at the Mexican American border by ICE agents in Texas and while she was left on the road alone crying, a local social worker named Sloane finds her. Sloane tries to finds a temporary foster home for this terrified little girl and finally, she managed to find one where Alexandra could be kept under the protection of a woman named Chloe who has also lost her family a few nights before Christmas a few years ago. As Chloe and little Alexandra both are heartbroken due to the loss of their loved ones, an unexplained bond starts to grow between the two of them.

The movie shows how people bear up the losses of their loved ones despite their age and the pain is the same for everyone.

Filming location:

McAllen, Texas, USA

Houston, Texas, USA

The Investigators: When Truth Calls (2019)

A horror drama written and directed by Cristy Ecaymusquiz.

Ernesto Richardson has been in encounters with Jesus Christ as a young boy and has a graceful faith in god. As he becomes older also he stays faithful to god unlike others in his family. Ben, Ernesto's brother in low is in a very critical condition where nothing could save him other than God. Ernesto decides to ask God for help remembering the encounter he had when he was a little boy. Would he be able to help his brother-in-law?

The movie revolves around the importance of faith in God who believe in God, as children as well as adults.

Filming Location:

McAllen, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

The Red Queen (2009)

A thriller story written and directed by David Carren

Gabriella Salinas, a young girl who is eager to know about her mother who died during childbirth on the muddy banks of Rio Grande. Even though she keeps on asking about her mother from her father he doesn't reveal much about the mother other than the fact that she was an immigrant from Nicaragua. She is determined to find information and surfs the internet throughout the day hoping for a clue about maternal side connection and she finds that everything she was told about her life by her father, was a lie. Facing many strange things and learning many perspectives about life and death, she finally finds a way to connect with her dead mother, and surprisingly she is not terrified. What do you think about this spirit and human connection and for how long you think it will last?

Filming location:

McAllen, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

Mexican American (2007), Heartprints in the Snow (2021), As I Walk Through the Valley (2017), The Battle: Cinco de Mayo (2009) are some of the other movies that have also been filmed in this beautiful city.

Which one is your favorite among these? Please let us know if you know more...


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