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Matt Lillywhite

A Plausible Explanation For The UFO Sightings

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Matt Lillywhite
Matt Lillywhite
 22 days ago
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Are we alone in the universe?

That’s a question that humanity has been trying to answer for thousands of years. After all, there are approximately 200 billion galaxies in the universe. And since many galaxies contain upwards of 100 billion stars, it would be ignorant to suggest that Earth is the only planet to harbor life.

Many people enjoy looking up at the beautiful night sky. For some, it’s romantic. For others, it’s fascinating to know that much of the light produced by distant stars took billions of years to reach our planet.

But what about aliens? Could they possess the technology to travel to Earth and play hide-and-seek with Navy aircraft? Since the Pentagon recently confirmed the authenticity of UFO footage, many people seem to think that extraterrestrial life has finally arrived. However, there is a more plausible explanation that’s worth looking into.

The US Navy Filed Patents That Are Conveniently Similar To The Technology Used By The UFOs

In 2016, The US Navy filed a patent for a craft using an inertial mass reduction device. There’s also one for a gravitational wave generator. The first would be used to reduce inertia while traveling at incredibly high speeds. The latter would be used to create a propellentless propulsion system that could potentially enable a craft to reach the speed of light. And according to reports published by VICE, “the Navy had to build prototypes of some of the outlandish tech to prove it worked.”

The patent for the inertial mass reduction device was initially rejected. But after an appeal by the US Navy, it was found that the project was feasible and within the realm of possibility. Also, a letter from the Naval Aviation Enterprise Chief Technology Officer accompanied the patent appeal (page 18). In it, he wrote about how “China is already investing significantly in this area.” So, it stands to reason that the United States isn’t the only country working on revolutionary technology that was once regarded as science fiction.

It’s also worth noting that the US Navy created documents that spoke about their ambitions to create a hybrid aerospace undersea craft (page 21). And a few weeks ago, reports emerged of a spherical UFO disappearing into the ocean off the coast of California.

Now, I want to give the US Navy the benefit of the doubt and say this could be a massive coincidence. Perhaps the aliens have the same revolutionary technology that the United States has been working on for several years. Or maybe, the world is in the middle of a secret technological arms race with other foreign powers.

I’m just a civilian. I don’t pretend to be an expert who has all of the answers. So please, take a look at the documents and make up your own mind. But given the recent evidence that has emerged, it seems plausible that the United States has technology that could positively impact the future of humanity.

The Eventual Search For Another Planet

If we confine ourselves to Earth, we will eventually become extinct. Maybe we blow ourselves up in a nuclear war. Perhaps an asteroid destroys the planet. Or somehow, we avoid those disturbing possibilities and stay alive for a few billion years. But even then, the sun will expand and absorb this beautiful planet that we call home.

All of this raises an inevitable conclusion: humanity will have to travel to other planets to survive. And whether we like it or not, organizations such as NASA and SpaceX will be integral to our survival as a species.

Although Mars is our nearest neighbor, it’s not the best candidate for a long-term future as it doesn’t have a breathable atmosphere. Therefore, many scientists have suggested that humanity should eventually migrate to a planet such as Proxima Centauri B. With conventional technology, it would take approximately 6,300 years to get there. But if the technology patented by the US Navy was used, the journey could take less than a decade.

The subject of UFOs is no longer confined to the realm of conspiracy theories. Nor is it a question of whether they exist or not. They do. The Pentagon has confirmed it. And eventually, the true origin of the spacecraft will be revealed.

But in the meantime, we know that one of two possibilities is true. The first is that the crafts are from this planet and are super-secret government projects with incredibly advanced technology. The second is that we’re currently being visited by Aliens who possess advanced crafts that could easily wipe us out in an instant.

Honestly, I don’t know which of the two possibilities is more terrifying. But if a government (from any country) has such technology, it’s within the interest of humanity for it to be used for the greater good.