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Discover These Amazing Art Museums in Tucson, Arizona

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Kate Feathers
Kate Feathers
 24 days ago
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Art is amazing because it allows us to explore our minds as well as the minds of others through interactive and fascinating means. Personally, art is a part of my life I will always cherish, whatever form it comes in.

If you're in Tucson, Arizona, for whatever purposes - no matter if you've lived in Tucson your whole life or you're just visiting - these are some of the art museums you can definitely check out. They will enrich your imagination, teach you some new information and make for a nice trip.

The following art museums in Tucson are worth discovering.

University of Arizona Museum of Art

The first art museum worth visiting in Tucson is the University of Arizona Museum of Art. The history of the museum began in 1924 when the first art exhibition took place. In 1933, an Art Gallery was established in the library on campus, and the museum collections grew throughout the decades.

Nowadays, there is a world-class collection of many works. The main focus of the collection is on the art of the United States and Europe. The collections include "The Samuel H. Kress Collection", "The C. Leonard Pfeiffer Collection" or "The Works Progress Administration-Federal Art Project Collection (WPA-FAP)".

According to the website of the University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson, this is the mission of the museum:

"The University of Arizona Museum of Art advances the academic and research mission of the University, inspires critical dialogue among campus and community audiences, and celebrates art as essential to our lives through the stewardship and interpretation of its expanding collection of art and archives."

At the moment (29th May 2021), there are some virtual exhibitions that you can check out, for example "Virtual | The Machine Stops (Or Inkjet My Foot!)" or "Virtual | Contemporary Art Gallery". The museum is currently closed to the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however you can add it to your list of museums you'd like to visit in Tucson once the pandemic is over.

The ticket price is 8 dollars per adult. Students, the military, children, members, and some other exceptions can enter the museum for free. The address is 1031 North Olive Road in Tucson.

Museum of Contemporary Art

If you'd prefer to explore contemporary art in-depth, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson might be the perfect place for you. It's apparently the only museum in Tucson that centers solely around contemporary art.

The Museum of Contemporary Art (also called "MOCA") was established in 1997. According to the official website:

"Housed in a repurposed firehouse in Downtown Tucson, MOCA Tucson applies creative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow through the vehicle of contemporary art. We create programming that is ambitious, innovative, and that is responsive to the wants and needs of our community. A pioneering museum of its kind in the community, MOCA Tucson currently hosts rotating exhibitions by locally, nationally, and internationally renowned contemporary artists—critical exhibitions that spur dialogue and that foster empathy between artists and audiences."

There is a current exhibition called "Pia Camil: Three Works" which runs until 19th September 2021. If you'd like to visit the museum in the future, one of the upcoming exhibitions is called "Rafa Esparza and Timo Fahler: Were-:Nenetech Forms" and it will run between October 2021 and March 2022.

If you'd like to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, go to 265 South Church Avenue in Tucson. Apparently, anyone can enter for free at the moment. The free admission is a sign of gratitude to everyone for being patient during the Covid-19 times.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you love contemporary art, historical art, or other kinds of art, you are bound to find what you are looking for in Tucson. Why not visit the museums mentioned above? You might learn lots of new things and have a nice trip at the same time.