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Jordan Mendiola

Coping with Losing a Pet

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Jordan Mendiola
Jordan Mendiola
 26 days ago
Elsie, my Shitzu in front, and Baby Girl my Pomeranian behind her.

For more than three weeks, my little angel, Elsie was fighting for her life without eating any food at all. You read that right. Three weeks without an appetite, but she could drink all the water in Lake Michigan.

It was bizarre. It was painful, it was unnatural. We noticed she was really off when two days had passed and she refused to eat her food, and every day would pass and she’d still act normal — slowly getting skinnier and skinnier.
Elsie and Baby Girl in 2012 when I was a freshman in high school.

As you can see in the image above, I have owned Elsie for a while. We got her and Baby Girl (also deceased) when we lived in Germany. My dad got both of them from separate military families who were unable to care for them anymore.

They saved us, and we saved them.
Elsie in one of my Dog Walking YouTube videos

Elsie would always come into my bedroom when I would make YouTube videos or do homework. She was always there to check up on me when I was feeling down or needed a friend. She was an incredible companion.
My family group chat when we found out the news.

When I read this text, I ran downstairs and saw her limp body on the ground — breathless, lifeless, and at rest. I had spent days and nights sleeping next to her not knowing when she would take her last breath.

I became so frustrated and numb to losing her because she fought so hard every single day. My whole family was shocked with every day that passed and she was still with us.
Elsie and Baby Girl in 2014 at the baseball fields.

Here are my childhood dogs hanging out at the baseball fields. They came with us to every sporting event possible — baseball games, football games, even to school.

They both loved car rides, and both lived a long, full life of love, happiness, and care. Elsie was more of a sidekick and Baby Girl was the leader of the pack, but nonetheless, they made a great team.
I spent every moment I could with Elsie until her final moments.

Elsie was one of the best dogs I could have ever asked for. She was obedient, never caused any trouble, and always showed her love when she could.

Spending her final days and moments with her give me peace — especially because she burrowed her head into my chest the morning of her final day in this world.

She let me know that it was her final moment, and gave me one final acknowledgment of love and appreciation. She lived 16 long years and her time came to an end.

Final Thought

Losing an animal is one of the toughest things to go through. They’re only on this Earth for so long. Even though 16 years is two-thirds of my life, it still isn’t enough time.

Dogs can’t live as long as people which I understand, but it’s just so painful that they leave us when we’re not ready.

If one of your pets is going through a health decline, be there for them, help them around the house, and let them know just how much you love and appreciate them the way they loved and appreciate you.

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