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4 of the best damage-free ways to upgrade your kitchen with hacks from TikTokers and apartment renters

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Use contact paper to transform your kitchen backsplash, or make one yourself using dollar-store products.
  • Insider compiled the best renter-friendly hacks from TikTok and designers to revamp your kitchen.
  • Many of the DIY projects are inexpensive, such as making a backsplash using dollar-store products.
  • One apartment renter showed how to make a magnetic spice rack to save space in small kitchens.
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Make a $25 backsplash inspired by TikToker Annika Hinds' dollar-store hack.
A TikToker used paint and adhesive tiles from a dollar store to transform her kitchen.

Hinds shared a video on TikTok in September 2020 showing how she transformed her kitchen backsplash using supplies she bought at a dollar store.

Hinds said in her video that she spent about $24 on the whole project — $7 on the adhesive tiles that she bought at a Dollar Tree store, $8 on a sample size of paint, $2 on a paintbrush, and $7 on the finishing sealer spray.

She painted and coated the tiles with the finishing-sealer spray before sticking them to the wall.

Hinds recently told Insider that in her experience, the do-it-yourself backsplash didn't leave any marks on the wall, making it renter-friendly.

If you want to give the design idea a try for yourself, Hinds recommends thoroughly cleaning the wall before sticking the tiles on it to keep them from peeling off later.

She also warns not to use the backsplash near heat or it could melt the tiles.

Create a magnetic spice rack to maximize space, like apartment renter Anju Abraham did.
Abraham's spice rack is attached to the fridge.

Abraham lives in a tiny apartment in Washington, DC, where she uses vertical storage to save space, she previously told Insider .

In the kitchen, Abraham made a magnetic spice rack to spruce up her fridge while saving shelving space. It was a trial-and-error process, Abraham told Insider.

"At first, I bought 6-ounce spice jars but then I realized the glass was far too heavy for the magnet. I also initially bought a magnet that was too weak," Abraham said.

She found success with using heavy-duty magnets from Amazon, 3-ounce jars , also from Amazon. The jars she used come in a pack of 12 for $21 at the time of writing.

Abraham said she placed magnets on the underside of each jar lid and popped them onto the fridge without needing anything adhesive.

To label the jars, she said she used a paint pen.

Interior designer Chelsey Brown recommends using contact paper to completely transform your countertops.
Brown's kitchen has marble-printed contact paper on the counters and backsplash.

Brown is an interior decorator who lives in a 520-square-foot studio apartment in New York City . The author of " Rental Style " and founder of the blog City Chic Decor uses renter-friendly hacks to make her space feel larger, she previously told Insider .

In the kitchen, Brown used a blush-colored, marble-printed contact paper to give her kitchen countertop and backsplash a new look.

"It can completely transform the look of your rental kitchen," Brown wrote in a blog post about how to apply and remove the contact paper.

To apply it to your counters, she wrote on her blog that you need to measure the width of your counter, then cut the paper. She recommends cutting three extra inches of paper for your countertop just in case.

To stick the paper onto the counter, Brown says to unroll it slowly and stick it a little at a time, using a smoothing tool over the top.

Carly Fuller, a New York City apartment renter, showed how swapping the hardware for something more your style can make a huge difference.
Fuller matched the hardware to her aesthetic in the kitchen.

Fuller and her partner live in a 450-square-foot New York City apartment, and Fuller has packed their tiny space with renter-friendly designs , as Insider previously reported .

On the cabinets, Fuller swapped out all the apartment's original hardware with gold knobs to match her own aesthetic.

Switching out hardware is a quick and easy way to upgrade your cabinets because you can just switch them back before you move out of the unit.

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