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Cleveland, OH

US Housing and Urban Development awards $35 million grant to the City of Cleveland

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James Stephens
James Stephens
 22 days ago
DJ Johnson/Unsplash

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded a $35 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant to the City of Cleveland for its Buckeye/Woodhill Transformation Plan and the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA).

“As part of my Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, our goal has been to transform and revitalize the Buckeye-Woodhill community in a way that prioritizes the needs, concerns, and vision of its current residents. The Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant ensures our city, partners, and residents can continue the important work of making equitable neighborhood development a reality in Cleveland neighborhoods,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson.

The transformation plan’s vision and priorities of residents include new housing, streets, public space, and programming for a thriving community. The Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant will serve as a stimulus to boost the economy of mixed-income communities after three years of intensive community planning.

The highly competitive grant is only awarded to 20 applications across the country. The City of Cleveland had to double the efforts this year after missing an award as a finalist last year.

“The project team lead by CMHA, the City of Cleveland, and The Community Builders collaborated with a host of residents, community leaders, educational and philanthropic institutions as well as non-profit organizations to continue to keep the project moving ahead despite not receiving the implementation grant award in 2020,” said CMHA CEO Jeffery K. Patterson. “The resiliency and dedication of the members of this community along with the hard work, passion, and commitment to transform this community by partners and residents alike is what helped make this Choice Implementation grant award a reality.”

With the funding from the grant award, the city will implement the Neighborhood Transformation Plan over the subsequent years. In addition to that, the City of Cleveland has committed extra funding through the Mayor’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative for infrastructure and home repair programs.