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Richard Liu

It's Your May 2021 Tech Wrapup

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Richard Liu
Richard Liu
 20 days ago

News about cryptocurrency, Google, and more! / Unsplash

This month has been a rollercoaster, especially if you’ve been keeping up with the news. If you haven’t, no fear as your tech wrap-up is here.

I am releasing slightly ahead of schedule so I can continue working on a few other things.

We have news around cryptocurrency movements and even Google's new physical store.

Cryptocurrency has seen a huge rocky ride

It’s been a hectic month for all cryptocurrencies. Not only has Elon Musk been super bipolar about his opinions about Bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency movement but we’ve seen major movements from the powerhouses of the world.

China has already looked to ban cryptocurrencies in a move that wasn’t honestly too much of a surprise (was more of a matter of when). This resulted in a worldwide drop of more than 30-40%. Although many might see this as a good thing, some say that it will actually help decentralize cryptocurrency more.

With China operating much of the world’s crypto farms, this brings a potential shift in momentum and balance in the ownership and farming of cryptocurrencies. We’ve already seen a rebound in the market so June will be an interesting month to see where this all heads towards.

Robinhood looks to IPO

Robinhood looks like it’s ready to IPO soon. Since its huge growth during the pandemic, it helped forward a movement where the everyday person has looked for ways to build their own wealth.

With the number of government cheques been written out, we saw a lot of this go back into companies on the stock exchange. With Robinhood’s easy UI/UX, it’s no wonder trading has been so simple and many have cited that this almost feels similar to gambling. But Robinhood has fired back saying that Gen Z and millennials prefer trading this way.

Even with the controversy around GME and AMC a few months ago, its growth has been strong and this IPO will be a massive one at an approx valuation of $30 billion.

Twitter is building a paid subscription model called Twitter Blue

Twitter is expecting to launch Twitter Blue, a premium-based service of the bluebird platform. Basically Twitter Blue will have features that you’ve been wanting to see for a while such as being able to undo tweets and create collections for your tweets.

I am personally hoping for one that allows you to potentially “edit” tweets which is a feature I’ve been hoping for a while.

We’re also seeing a new verification process as detailed by Researcher Jane Manchun Wong (link here).

Google is opening its first physical store in New York

This is super interesting! This shop will be based in Chelsea as part of Google’s campus in the neighborhood.

The store will steal a few of Apple's ideas, showcasing products and offering support. Unlike its pop-up stores and temporary locations, this marks a more serious attempt at tackling a permanent physical store.

Of course, the tech giant is more known for its search engine and online presence but it's finally releasing a physical store.

It's almost ironic that many of the big software giants of today are going after physical stores since many see brick and mortar as a dying subset of the market. However, companies like Amazon and Google will be looking to tackle this straight on.