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Dallas, TX

Woman says staff choked her apparently at DFW airport: “He threw me to the ground!”

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Amy Christie
Amy Christie
 26 days ago
Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels

A woman had a breakdown on Thursday, accusing airport employees of choking her. While it was initially thought the location of the incident was different, new information shows that the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was most likely where it all happened.

A video has come to the attention of the public in which an unnamed woman shouts while an airport officer attempts to calm her down. She is apparently at an airport terminal gate.

How did it all happen?

The woman screams that she was on the ground during an incident that is not seen on camera. She demands to talk to the airport’s manager immediately, as The Blaze reports.

“He threw me to the ground! My name is Terry Ann. I want the manager of the airport here! Who saw him choke me? Who saw me?” the angry woman keeps asking during the video.
After that she turned to the other travelers who were waiting at the gate, and asks them, “Who saw him choke me to the ground?”
At that moment a fellow passenger who is off camera is heard saying, “I saw you run through the door when you weren't supposed to.”

That only fuels the woman some more and she goes off again, protesting that an employee took her down on the ground.

“He choked me to the ground! I'm a woman in a dress!” she yells.
“Boo hoo? You get off! I want the manager of the airport here,” she goes on relentlessly.

Location clarification

Initially it was thought all this happened at the Indianapolis International Airport. However, WISH-TV reported on Thursday that an airport spokesperson stated it was not true.

“A number of media outlets have contacted the Indianapolis Airport Authority about a viral video making its way through social media. Please be advised, the incident depicted in the video did not occur at the Indianapolis International Airport,” was the released statement by the airport on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport most likely location

After looking closely at the visible tags on the luggage cart that’s near the gate in the video, The Blaze identified DFW as the probable location for the disturbing incident.

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has been contacted by Blaze Media for a statement regarding the video, but no response was received.

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