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A.J. Brown is Recruiting Julio Jones to the Titans on All Social Media

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 22 days ago

While Derrick Henry has been the Tennessee Titans MVP over the past couple seasons, A.J. Brown is is putting in the off-field work to win it for 2021. Aside from being an athletic freak of a wide receiver, he is taking it upon himself to be the lead recruiter to bring future Hall of Fame wide receiver Julio Jones to Tennessee.

While some players may like Instagram posts or retweet someone’s recruiting pitch, it’s clear Brown is going the extra mile. It’s even more clear that he would love to line up on the field opposite of Julio Jones.
Credit: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

A.J. Brown is Recruiting Julio Jones to the Titans

Brown has been a big fan of Julio’s game, as have most wide receivers. Aside from thanking him for paving the way for guys like him and even doing a jersey swap with him, Brown also recently sent Julio a voice DM on Instagram.

Now, Julio is not a free agent. He is still under contract for the Atlanta Falcons. However, it has been made clear that he is not coming back to the team and the Falcons are seeking a trade.

While there may not be a no-trade clause in his contract, a superstar like Julio does have some say of where he goes. For example, the wide receiver dropped that he did not want to go to the Dallas Cowboys on the controversial call with Shannon Sharpe . The Cowboys could still try to trade for him, but it wouldn’t make sense to trade for a player that does not want to be in your building.

However, if A.J. Brown can convince Julio to try and force a trade to the Titans, it would give Tennessee more incentive to make a harder push for him. So, that is exactly what Brown is trying to do.

An offense with Julio Jones, A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry would be a scary one. The athleticism and physicality on display would make opposing defenses lose sleep. The Titans should absolutely be pursuing a Julio Jones trade .