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Oceanside, CA

3 Movies That Were Filmed in Oceanside

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Visual Freedom
 27 days ago
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Located in the heart of Southern California is a spectacular beach town called Oceanside. Boasting bungalow neighborhoods, gorgeous beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, and a historic wood pier, Oceanside is the perfect getaway destination for your friends and family. There’s more to love in Oceanside because of its friendly, creative, and innovative residents who keep the local spirit alive.With all of its great characteristics, Oceanside is a great place for filming.

Here are some great movies that were shot in this town.

Top Gun (1986)

Starring Tom Cruise and Tim Robbins, Top Gun tells the story of the United States Navy’s elite students as they fight to be the best in class. Winning one Oscar for best original song and nominated for three more categories, Top Gun is surely a box office hit.  This movie is directed by Tony Scott and screenplay by Jim Cash.

The story starts when Pete Mitchell, a competitive but impulsive ace pilot who’s under the code name Maverick, is accepted into an elite fighter school known as Top Gun. There, he competes with the best students. During his stay at the Top Gun, he meets Charlie, a brilliant astrophysics instructor, and a highly competitive student who’s known as “Iceman”. Pete engages in a reckless contest against the two.

However, hunted by his father’s death and struggling with his wild nature, Pete must do everything to get the prestigious Top Gun trophy.

Filming Location:

102 Pacific Street, Oceanside, California, USA (Charlie’s house)

Veronica Mars (2004-2019)

This 72-episode crime-drama series was also filmed in Oceanside. Veronica Mars is created by Rob Thomas and features Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring on its cast. This Hulu original series follows the story of Veronica after her best friend is murdered. She then dictates her life to solving the toughest mysteries in Neptune, the town she lives in.

Veronica was once a popular girl in high school, however, upon her best friend’s death, she was ousted from the crowd who she thought were her friends. Her misfortune extends when her father lost his job as a sheriff after letting out some accusation about the murdered girl’s family. Still dedicated to solving crime, his father opens his own private detective agency where Veronica works as his assistant.

Only left with a few friends and her sardonic wit, Veronica navigates her high school life while cracking mysterious crime cases.

Filming Location:

Oceanside, California, USA (Neptune high school and beach scenes)

Diamonds are Forever (1971)

Diamonds are Forever is one of many James Bond movies, featuring Sean Connery and Jill St. John. This 2-hour film follows James as he uncovers the crimes of an evil business tycoon. Grossing five times its budget, Diamonds are Forever is still a popular movie since 1971.

James Bond has another mission to find out the diamond smuggler who kills everyone in his way. To cover his real identity while he investigates the crime, he adopts the name Peter Franks and pretends to be a diamond smuggler. He teams up with Tiffany Case who helps him set up a trap to find the real culprit. However, it’s hard to find the one he’s been looking for if everyone seems to be hungry for diamonds.

James soon finds out that the man behind the stolen diamonds is his old arch-nemesis. Will James defeat his ultimate enemy this time around?

Filming Location:

Coastal waters, Oceanside, California, USA (Ernst Stavro Blofeld's Oil Rig Lair)

Did you already see these movies or do you know any other movie that was shot in Oceanside? Let me know in the comments...


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