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Miami, FL

Tasty starters, healthy salads, yummy entrées, and rich wines, All at Lulu in the Coconut Grove restaurant, Miami

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 28 days ago

There is a local restaurant in Miami with the two items on the imaginary best restaurant check-list ticked: A superb aesthetic you would love to take Instagram-worthy pictures in, and the delicious taste of every delicacy on the menu, also decent enough for photographs. Yay!

No exaggerations, the first thing that seems to captivate every diner is the beauty of the setting. There are tons of reviews about the restaurant's ambiance from locals and foreigners. Not just the sitting arrangements which are spacious, giving every customer their privacy, but also the rich colors; the purple light, white and black wallpaper, the lightning, the glimmering furniture, the inviting flowers, the pleasant aromas drifting up from the plates of the other diners around.

Image from trip advisor.

View of the counter in Lulu.

The pleasant setting is not all that there is to the glamour. More of what meets the eye, the dishes are served presentably. That means you could also pose with your meal for a picture, and not feel like such a picture should remain in your gallery, never to be released to the world (a photo that cannot make it to the gram). The icing on the cake is the instantaneous burst of flavors that explode in your mouth, the moment you take a bite.

All their meals are known to have very rich flavors, you can view the list of recommended orders at the end of this article.

Image from Miami 10 Best

A picture of one of the well-presented foods.

Any customer would appreciate the neatness and cleanliness of any restaurant's surroundings, Lulu understands this assignment. They keep everywhere looking stainless. This is definitely one of the reasons customers keep coming back. Tables are cleaned up immediately after the people who used them get up from there. Talk less now, with the Covid-19 measures, good hygiene is of high importance and they don't joke with your health.

Coconut Grove is 2.4 miles from the Vizcaya Museum and gardens. The restaurant itself is located at 3105 Commodore Plaza, Miami. Special diets include; vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free options and vegan options. American, Bar, international, contemporary, and fusion are the cuisines available to each diner.

In Lulu in the Grove, you would be treated like royalty. Served by delightful, foreign, and local workers/attendants with a good attitude who give the best suggestion when it comes to deciding from their condensed menus. Then after waiting for minimal time because the foods are always served very swiftly, you can judge the waiter's interest in your benefits when you eat the food. Obviously, they make you go with the right choice. Their customer service is unrivaled, it is no wonder why people love going back.

Lulu in the Grove is rated a lofty 51 out of 2,786 restaurants in Miami. They are open within the hours of 5 PM and 10 PM, every day of the week. Like most local restaurants, one can eat on the streets, which you would enjoy on a good day, or the terrace, both are good choices for those who believe that food tastes better when they are eaten in the open than indoors.

Whatever your pocket size is or your nutritional preferences, the local restaurant in Miami proves to recognize your inclinations, and they meet your taste, also going over and beyond to wow each customer. With meals ranging from 6.00 dollars to 25.00 dollars (the price for meals alone without drinks) no matter your class, you would get fed to your filling. 

Based on what you order, the restaurant serves varieties like starters, salads, pasta, robata skewers, entrées, extra sides, desserts, wine, bottled beers, cocktails, coffee drinks, and other beverages.

At Lulu the Grove, you could choose to dine in, or you can utilize the delivery services offered by the restaurant, for those who like to be served their food at their doorsteps. If not, you can even hold a mini party in the restaurant at a big table where everyone would enjoy their meals.

Image from Miami New Times.

The terrace in Lulu.

Meals that are must-haves based on popular opinion:

Coconut Marguerite,

Chicken and Waffles,

The Lulu burger,

Fish tacos and shrimp tacos,

Vegan dishes.

Why not stop here sometime? You'll not regret it.