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Belfast, Maine's food truck feeding frenzy

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Stephen L Dalton
Stephen L Dalton
 16 days ago
Lobster roll, "This is how we roll in Maine."Photo by ehpien - Flickr.

Nothing beats summer in Belfast, ME— the sights, the sounds, and yes, even the tastes!

Here we'll walk you through the best, from fresh-caught lobster rolls to artisan hot dogs. Be sure to visit these three food trucks on your next trip down to the riverside and get a taste of everything the Harbor Walk has to offer.

Food Truck Frenzy: Breaking Your Fast in Belfast, ME

Food trucks and microbrews are making a name for themselves in Maine. Some of the finest are on the Harbor Walk in Belfast, Maine. There are likely others around town that are as good or better than these, but it seems these three are the most talked about and offer a variety of all the things you want from a food truck.
Must Be Nice Lobster.Photo by Sadie Samuels, the owner.

Must Be Nice Lobster truck

If you’re down on the Harbor Walk, you’ve got to get a good lobster roll. Look no further than Must Be Nice Lobster. Owner and operator Sadie Samuels may be young at 29, but she definitely knows her way around good quality fish and shellfish.

Sadie was born and raised in coastal Maine, and from a fishing family, she started selling her fresh-caught lobster rolls at the United Farmers Market of Maine in Belfast. Success found her opening a food truck this past year to serve her delicious fare to hungrier Harbor Walk-goers.

Diners can get savory lobster and crab rolls, as well as lobster and crab grilled cheese sandwiches. This food truck also carries staples like hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries for those with shellfish allergies or who don't care for fish.

You can find Must Be Nice Lobster at 15 Front St, Belfast ME, from 11 am until 5 pm Saturday and Sunday until Memorial Day, when the food truck will be open all week long from 11 am until 6:30 pm.
Here's the Moody Dog just waiting for Spring.By the author.

No wonder he's moody!

The Moody Dog food truck

Located at 39 Main Street, Belfast, ME, just outside of Marshall Wharf Brewing Co., The Moody Dog food truck serves up many interesting and tasty takes on the traditional hot dog and bratwursts.

Chef Raymelle Moody likes to get creative with the toppings, with offerings like the Italian-inspired Muffuletta dog dressed in giardiniera (pronounced "jar-din-air-ah."), and they’ll soon offer kimchi dogs for those who are fond of that Korean staple. She also has ideas for corn dogs and even homemade baked goods down the line. “I have lots of fun plans,” Moody says.

The Moody Dog's ingredients are all locally sourced, which means a lot to the local economy. In a day and age when too many are shopping online, contributing to the local economy is essential. Hot dog and wurst lovers will surely appreciate Chef Moody's fun twists on a Harbor Walk favorite.

The Moody Dog food truck is currently open between the hours of 2 pm until 7 pm Saturday and Sunday. They will extend their hours to 8 am until 3 pm Monday through Friday after Memorial Day.

I figure, to be fair since I talked about the Moody Dog, I should introduce the Wasses Dog. Wasses does not serve the red hot dogs that have been a Maine tradition for decades despite the red dye #2. They serve a hot dog fried in peanut oil.

Watch this YouTube video by the Hotdogmanchannel.
Wasses in Belfast, Maine

"Marshall Wharf Brewing Company originally opened in 2007 and changed ownership in 2020 when Daniel Waldron and Kathleen Dunckel became the new owners." Taken from their About Us page.
Marshall Wharf Brewing Co.James Beal/Flickr

Wander Pizza

Wander over to Wander Pizza for a slice of deliciousness. You might know of their brick-and-mortar location in Augusta, but you can catch this brick-oven favorite from a food truck right here in Belfast, outside Marshall Wharf Brewing Co., on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Pizza isn't just ordinary pizza at Wander; it's an art form-- owner Jessie Hardie makes their signature crust with naturally leavened dough, left to rise for 48 to 72 hours, and made by hand at the restaurant.

Offerings range from a traditional, savory Neapolitan pie to the more bold and unusual pairing of butternut squash, ricotta cheese, and bacon. The Wander Pizza truck will be operating from 2 pm until 8 pm Thursday and Friday until Memorial Day. After that, they will stay open an hour later, until 9 pm.

Final thoughts

Although these are only three examples of the excellent food trucks here in Belfast, we’ll probably swing back by later and talk about some others because there are some great little food trucks in town.

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