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Midland, TX

City of Midland contemplating ending spay and neuter programs at the animal shelter

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NewsWest 9
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MIDLAND, Texas — Stray dogs and cats could become a bigger problem in Midland. The city’s animal shelter is contemplating cutting funding for the voucher and TNR (trap, neuter, release) programs. The vouchers allow people to spay and neuter cats and dogs at a discounted rate. The programs cost...

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Kelly Glenn Stout

This voucher program is for both homed and unhomed animals. If the city decides to cut this program. The unhomed animal will increase to untold numbers. If you think the feral cats are a problem now… they certainly will be more of a problem in 6 months. Please contact city council to at least keep the budget the same.

Nancy Allison

This is what I call "Midland mentality". Things are not properly thought out and the results end up coming back to bite those it shouldn't. Why not take funds from the roads and highways to keep this well needed program going? Lord knows the constant shut down of lanes to repave what isn't necessary to fix could be put to better use like this valuable program.


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