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Will Permitless Carry Bill Put Texas Police Officers in More Danger?

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Toni Koraza
Toni Koraza
 22 days ago
Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

Austin, TX- despite ranking 3rd in gun violence, lawmakers in the capital of the Lone Star State voted to eliminate handgun permits. The House passed the Bill 1927 in a private meeting on Sunday in an 82–62 vote. The Senate approved it on Monday with the majority in 17–13 vote.

Governor Greg Abbott fully supported the decision. “We should have ‘constitutional carry’ in Texas,” Abbott said on North Texas radio in April.

Texans will soon be able to buy conceal and carry handguns.

The legislation’s author, Rep. Matt Schaefer, announced House Bill 1927 as the “strongest Second Amendment legislation in Texas history that protects the right of law-abiding Texans to carry a handgun as they exercise their god-given right to self-defence.”

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia doesn’t seem to agree. Texan police are trying to draw a line in the sand when it comes to recklessly handing out more guns to everyone with a few hundred bucks. Most Texans don’t support this bill either, according to Texas Tribune.

On the other side, violent crimes are indeed in free-fall across the United States. Many factors contribute to this, including better education, a stronger economy and the latest technology.

However, every life is precious, and pitting odd statistics against each other can’t bring someone back from death.

Permitless carry can only degenerate the whole State of Texas while fueling more gun violence. It’s basically chasing the fundamentalist idea that somehow, we lived a better life 242 years ago when the Founding Fathers wrote the constitution.

British Comedian Sasha Baron Cohen nailed this problematic idea in many of his shows, movies and political commentary. He’s the man behind Borat, Burno, Ali G, and many other hit movies.

In his show, This is America; he literally ran a segment kinderguns. Republicans and Second Amendment activists danced on Cohen’s tune, endorsing guns for kids as young as age 4. If you watch the first episode, you can find more about Dyno-rifles and Gunny Rabbit, a rabbit-shaped handgun with 30-round magazines. Your kids should be able to own a Rocketship RPG because what’s a kid that can’t strike down military aircraft with his rocket launcher.

If you think this is fake news, just one short trip to Youtube can bring out all these dire clips. Watch it. It’s actually funny and horrible at the same time. Representatives either claim they played along with Cohen’s jokes or that they were pranked. But shouldn’t they be able to know better? If a comedian can manipulate government officials to dance to his tune, how can we trust them to pass sensible legislation?

Sasha Baron Cohen is not some sort of a dark mage from the Democratic Underbelly in Narnia. The man is literally playing into the ridiculousness of the 2nd Amendment.

If everyone should bear arms, why don’t you give it to a 4-year old? Maybe 9-year-old girls need spraying uzis? Isn’t that the cutest birthday gift? An overwhelming number of parents actually believes that giving guns to kids is a good idea, so I’m not pressing further.

To be fair, Sasha Baron Cohen wasn’t exclusively pranking Texan representatives, and permitless carry is not a Texas-only issue. This bill is a topic for all 50 states.

The NRA supported-Republicans believe that if you give a tip to the government, they will come for every right you have before you’re left to defend yourself with a knife against an armed robbery. Fair enough.

Crime rates in the United States are different to the rest of the world. If everyone around you has a gun, maybe you want to have one for the sake of your safety. It’s not ideal, but it’s the reality.

However, just freely giving guns to everyone- whether they are mentally ill, criminal or just concerned parents- just doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Guns are not the answer to gun violence the same way alcohol is not an answer to alcoholism. Reckless driving doesn’t go away is more people drive recklessly.

Once again, most Texans oppose permitless carry.

So who is this government working for? Not a single study, common sense or any historical proof supports this decision. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume Gov. Abbot and the Texan branch of the Republican party is desperate for cheap political points.

The bill is hell for our police officers and all the blue lives. Police in America is a historically difficult problem. Officers live in constant fear of being shot, which prompts more violence and overreaction.

How does this bill help Blue Lives? Does it protect our civil servants?

Simply, it doesn’t.

Law-abiding citizens could always buy a gun in Texas. Permitless carry now lets just about everyone to Glock up in their next Walmart run.

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