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New York City, NY

The Trump Organization Is Being Investigated by the New York Prosecutor's Office for Financial Fraud

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Desiree Peralta
Desiree Peralta
 25 days ago
Tim Gouw / Pexels

The legal tension between Donald Trump and his family is increasing in their old Manhattan enclave. The New York Attorney General's Office has turned the ongoing civil investigation into a federal prosecution over suspected economic violations committed while Trump managed his real estate business.

Letitia James, Chief State Prosecutor, declared Tuesday night that she would associate her office's investigations with those launched by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance.

Former ex-president Donald Trump arrived in New York City just days after his investigations were made public.

According to the Daily Mail, the former ex-president had flown to New York two weeks before, bringing several boxes of papers with him. On Monday, he paid another visit to Trump Tower, but it is unclear how long he would be in the area.

Since 2019, the two departments have been probing the Trump Organization in tandem for inflating their real assets' value in financial statements to secure bank loans and tax breaks. The step by James tightens the net around Trump and his three eldest sons, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, both of whom are corporate executives and could face prison time as well as financial penalties.

At the moment, just Eric Trump has been summoned to appear before the New York Prosecutor's Office to clarify the family firm's business activities. The other person involved in the case is the man who knows the most of the organization's inner workings, former CFO Allen Weisselberg, whom investigators are attempting to persuade to testify against his former employer.

Investigators rely on informant Michael Cohen, a former attorney for the past president, who promised to cooperate after the FBI raided his office in April 2018 for documents relating to the paying of porn actress Stephanie Clifford in exchange for his secrecy during the interview.

The election campaign in 2016. Cohen has consulted with investigators from the Manhattan office a dozen times to corroborate the evidence presented by the millions of pages of financial and tax reports submitted by the Trump Organization and its owner in the years before his appearance at the White House.

Since both Vance and James are Democrats, the previous president has not grown tired of referring to the hearings as a "witch hunt." While he is now on his New Jersey golf course, the Palm Beach (Florida) Prosecutor's Office is planning to extradite him if he is charged in New York. Gov. Ron DeSantis, a staunch Trump supporter, could veto the move.

Republicans are refusing to look at the burglary of the Capitol.
Michael Judkins / Pexels

Republican officials in both houses of Congress have refused to support an official 9/11-style commission to study Donald Trump's supporters' attack on Capitol Hill on January 6. To stop clarifying what transpired during the effort to abolish President Joe Biden's democratic win, conservatives are turning to the dictates of the ex-president.

Trump urged Republicans to take a stance against what he termed a "Democratic trap" just hours before the bill's first vote in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Mitch McConnell, the Senate's upper chamber leader, weighed in shortly after, indicating that the bill would not pass the final Senate process.

Both leaders pressed lawmakers to vote no yesterday, even though the proposal still supported 40 Republicans in the lower house, 29 of whom were architects of the bipartisan commission's formation.

In the first place, the Democratic vote was willing to pass the laws. Republicans who are close to Trump intend to boycott the public inquiry into the matter. As a result, the second attempt at the impeachment of the former president over the attack failed.