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San Francisco, CA

7 Free Activities To Do In San Francisco

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Diana Bernardo
Diana Bernardo
 27 days ago
David Vives / Unsplash

Are you planning a trip to San Francisco but are afraid of the expenses? Certainly, this is not a cheap city. In fact, it is the second-most expensive city in the whole of the United States. Having Silicon Valley right next door has pushed up the prices over the past few decades but despite the steep climb in the cost of living, San Francisco can still be an affordable place to visit.

How? By including on your program some of these activities that will cost you absolutely nothing! Here is our list of the most interesting free activities in San Francisco, California.

1. Coit Tower Murals and the Filbert Street Steps

The famous Coit Tower was built in 1934 and soon became an icon of the city. While it is not free to go in (up to $9 for non-resident adults), the beautiful mural lobbies next to it are. 

Twenty-five artists created this mural to embrace the labor heritage of the city. Plus, the beauty of a place makes it worth it to spend some time there, as you will have a great view over the city. 

2. The Free Market

This activity is for those who love local markets and shopping locally. However, this market is different from the ones you have been to before. Usually, you need money to shop in the market, right? But here, as the name suggests, you don’t because it is a free market — for real. 

The market is based on an exchange system where you can exchange anything, an idea, or any skill in return for others. It happens every last Saturday of the month.

3. Randall Museum

If you have an artistic mind, you will love this place. 

The Randal Museum of Science, Nature, and the Arts displays live native and domestic animals and interactive displays about nature.

As the hype of the museum is increasing, the management has added a playroom, greenhouse, garden, and some fun activities for your children. In short, it is a family-ready place to spend some pleasant time and make good memories.

4. The Botanical Garden

This is one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots in San Francisco. This 55-acres garden is home to around 8000 different kinds of plants. The garden is open to visit the whole year. However, if you go between 7:30 and 9:00 am, you will be allowed to enter without any charges. 

5. Cable Car Museum

You can’t think of San Francisco without thinking of cable cars. The steep streets can be too hard to walk, so the cable cars are certainly of much use for the inhabitants of the city, as well as for tourists.

Because the cable cars are so iconic here, it is not a surprise that you can visit a Cable Car Museum in San Francisco. It displays different types of functional cable cars, and it has some carriages on which you can have fun rides with your friends. 

6. City Hall

With its incredible architecture, it would be hard to miss the city hall of San Francisco while wandering around the city. However, make sure to visit it at night as well, as the lights make the building even more beautiful.

To visit it inside, take advantage of the free tours that happen from Monday to Friday. You can book the visit on this website.

7. Sea Lions at Pier 39

They are cute, fun, and free to watch! Probably the best free attraction of San Francisco! Around 1300 sea lions come to the city every year between January and July, delighting the visitors. You can see them at Pier 39, which is free of entrance.