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Woburn, MA

Mother outraged after woman throws coffee at teen daughter managing Dunkin' Donuts in Woburn: “Who does that?”

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Amy Christie
Amy Christie
 24 days ago

The police are appealing to the public for more information regarding a Dunkin’ Donuts incident when a woman threw a coffee at an employee in Woburn for forgetting to add her whipped cream.

Woburn Police Department is on the lookout for the angry customer and has released footage with the moment when Emma Dionne, 18, a shift manager at the coffee and doughtnut chain, was assaulted by the woman.

“I was like ‘Oh I’m sorry, let me put whipped cream on this for you,” Dionne said for WHDH about the incident.
“She just starts cussing and says how we shouldn’t be working here because of how rude we were.”

When Dionne turned away the security camera footage showed the annoyed customer hurling the cup of iced coffee at her head.

“As soon as I go to like walk back over behind the counter is when she chucked the ice coffee on my head. It hit like the back of my ponytail and I was very like shaken. I like didn’t understand what happened,” the worker shared with the news station.

Emma Dionne’s mother is furious

“I mean who does that? Just to know that someone even tried to harm your child … the feeling you get in your gut. Not only is it shocking and puts you in disbelief but it makes you so angry,” Karen Dionne said for the station regarding the incident.

As the investigation continues police are asking for anyone with information to bring the customer who assaulted the worker to justice to come forward.

“Just to see her like physically grab the cup and aim for my head was very, very scary to watch,” Emma Dionne said for CBS Boston.

She is shaken after the harrowing experience and very reluctant to go back to her job in Woburn.