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Tucson, AZ

Donate Blood, Get Free Beer!

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Greyson F
Greyson F
 21 days ago
Would you like a beer with your donation?Nguyen Hiep/Unsplash

Throughout the United States, it is important to donate blood. Hospitals and medical facilities around the country rely on donations of all blood types from people just like you. The same is true in the city of Tucson. However, for varying reasons, hospitals here in metro Tucson are often running low on the life-giving (and saving) donation. 

More now than ever, the donation of blood is important. Many people who typically donate blood haven’t been doing so because of the pandemic. They either don’t want to go into hospitals to donate, the donation locations have been closed, or they simply want to stay away from larger gatherings of others within the community. Whatever the reason may be, Tucson hospitals are growing thin on available blood. 

While it is always possible to donate blood whenever you’d like (and you might even receive a cookie out of the donation), the Arizona Beer House here in Tucson wants to help make donating blood a bit more attractive with its “Pint-for-Pint” blood drive. 

The blood drive, which takes place on Saturday, June 5, begins at 1 PM and runs until 6 PM. Done in partnership with the American Red Cross, when you donate a pint of blood you, in return, will be given a pint of beer on the house. So if that complimentary cookie isn’t doing anything for you perhaps the free beer will.

Don’t worry though, you can’t donate blood and then walk right into the Arizona Beer House and cash in your voucher. Drinking alcohol after donating blood is not recommended at all. That is why the voucher will be good starting the day after you donate your blood (in this case, Sunday, June 6). You can order a 16-ounce pint of any of the beers on draft. Don’t want a beer, or maybe someone is underage but they still would like to donate? They can receive a voucher for a pint of any non-alcoholic beverage. They can also transfer the voucher over to someone who is of age. Which isn’t a bad deal. If you go with your teenage child and both of you donate blood, you can receive vouchers for two beers, and then you can simply buy your child a soft drink. 

If you haven’t been to the Arizona Beer House in the past, you can find it at 150 South Kolb Road. You are recommended to make a reservation prior to donating blood. This will help steady the flow of individuals coming in to make a donation (generally dangling free beer in front of people tends to increase the turnout for blood donations as not only do the regular blood donors come out but the additional flow of people interested in the free beer amplifies donations). 

If you do want to make a reservation you will want to do so through the attached link. If all available time slots are full you can try to stop by during the day on Saturday, June 5 in case someone is a no show (there usually are a few), but you may be forced to wait your turn. 

Following your donation of blood, you can stick around the Arizona Beer House as there will be food trucks on hand. It’s best to not drive home right away, especially if you haven’t donated blood before, as it can take a few minutes to recover and avoid any light-headed feelings. The food trucks will have a tasty selection of items to help you get your strength back. Whatever you decide to do after, just know you will be saving lives with your donation, all while earning yourself a free beer in the process. 

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