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Santa Monica, CA

Los Angeles Bars And Restaurants

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Dayana Sabatin
Dayana Sabatin
 18 days ago
Photo by Enric Cruz López from Pexels

These are some of my current favorite spots in LA. Mind you, I’ve been living here for almost 2 years. I feel like I should have a longer list, but in all honesty, when I find a good spot I want to go back there every date night that we have.

Nobu: Nobu is one of my favorite spots. It’s the worlds most recognized Japanese restaurant, the atmosphere and view will make you speechless. Let’s be honest, you come here for the view and ambiance. The food, yes it’s delicious. I love the cocktails, I think the sushi is average. It really depends on what you get. I had lobster that was phenomenal, and I had sushi that was just okay. I also had sashimi that was alright but it was over-priced. I recommend this place for a special occasion and requesting to sit outside. Take in the full experience if you’re going to make a hole in your wallet.

The Mistfit Restaurant + Bar: One of the best places to go to when you’re in Santa Monica. The best way to describe this place is that it’s a hip gastropub. This place is straight of the 1920s, the menu is phenomenal and always changing, it’s delicious and sophisticated. Misfit serves healthy foods that are very good along with incredible handcrafted cocktails that are constantly changed. My current favorite is the ‘goodnight Emilie’ with gin, grapefruit, mint and Peychaud bitters. It’s slightly sweet and perfectly delicious. I would recommend this one if looking for more of a fun cocktail. Anytime we have friends visiting us, we always take them to Misfit.

Meat on Ocean: One of the BEST steakhouses on the West side. This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. It’s right by the pier, it’s perfect for a romantic dinner or a family dinner or friends when you’re trying to show them the town. The ambiance of the place is classy and beautiful, if going out on a Friday or Saturday evening, I always dress up! They have a good-sized outdoor seating area that we always request so we could have a view. Drinks are delicious, the garlic butter buns are yummy, and the Chateaubriand is PHENOMENAL! Extremely tender and delicious.

Gjelina: A classy breakfast, brunch and dinner spot in Venice on Abbot Kinney. It’s more on the high-end tail of pizza spots and there is a reason for that. The pizza is outstanding. The wine list is perfection. I think this is one of the best date spots. We come here late in the evenings and it’s darkly lit and cozy, it’s definitely not on the quiet ends of places but it’s amazing. You have to come here at least once! My favorite pizza from here is Guanciale Pizza. Highly recommend!

Stella Barra Pizzeria: Another incredible pizzeria. However, more on the casual spot compared to Gjelina. The pizza is some of the best here. It’s wood-fired and they have new monthly pizzas coming out all the time that can always be modified as much as you’d like. They also have the best gluten-free options, and did I mention the cocktails? They’re delicious.

Catch LA: I went here for my birthday dinner and it was an amazing experience. This spot is chic and slick. The rooftop space is known for celebrity sightings, the creative seafood-focused food is amazing once again… the cocktails.

Moonshadows: I’ve only been here once but it was incredible. This restaurant has one of the best views in Malibu with a tiki-themed patio perched over the Pacific, and it has a great American styled menu. I had some of the best Ahi Tuna Steak here. They also serve you house bread, and honestly, if there’s house bread, I’m there.

Ysabel: Nestled in West Hollywood, this spot is one for the books. It’s incredibly romantic and perfect for a great date night. The food is amazing, it is a bit on the pricey side but the ambiance of this restaurant is magical.

Toca Madera: Upscale, organic and delicious. I’m a big fan of some high-quality Mexican food. The atmosphere of this restaurant is incredibly seductive and the margaritas will result in you having an excellent night.

Mercado: This is a little hidden gem in Santa Monica, they change their margarita flavors almost daily and they’re always strong and delicious. They have an amazing happy hour and my favorite part is honestly the chips and salsa. Also the queso, that’s primarily what I come here for. Several times we have come here simply for drinks + appetizers then headed to Tocaya which is a short walk away. Tocaya is actually the sister restaurant of Toca Madera, it’s more on the casual side and I like to think of it as an upscale and healthier version of Chipotle.

I love going out to eat. It’s sort of like a hobby at this point if I’m being completely honest. There’s nothing better than dressing up on date nights, putting on my favorite red lip stick, spraying my favorite Chanel perfume, wearing that new top I bought specifically for this date.

If I wasn’t a food blogger and if I didn’t love to cook, I’d probably eat out every day just for the experience of trying new places.

So, if you’re in LA or traveling here, check out one of these spots. Ditch your phones, put on that red lip stick, put on that new shirt. And, enjoy.