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Immersive yoga takes over at the Miami Van Gogh exhibit

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Adriana Jimenez
Adriana Jimenez
 13 days ago

(MIAMI) Vincent Van Gogh is timeless. Even though the famous artist has been dead for 130 years, he is currently featured in dozens of immersive exhibits in cities across the country. But in Miami, however, the "Beyond Van Gogh" exhibit is gaining traction for not just the art but its noteworthy immersive yoga experience.

The exhibit

Imagine stepping inside a classic painting for the first time? That's what Beyond Van Gogh is about! The immersive exhibit takes you on a 360-degree digital art journey through the artist's masterpiece paintings. His works of art come to life by appearing and disappearing from the walls, ceiling, and floor, projecting over 500,000 cubic feet and including more than 60,000 frames of video, according to their website. The interaction with Van Gogh's recognizable classics such as "The Starry Night", "Sunflowers", and "Cafe Terrace at Night" invites guests to take on a new perspective on the artist.

Immersive yoga
Every Thursday, Tiffany Levy, founder of Tifftopia Wellness, guides a yoga and meditation class amid Van Gogh's iconic paintings at Miami's Ice Palace Studios. The cutting-edge projection of the paintings makes the exhibit the perfect place for a unique mindfulness experience. Levy explains, there is a strong connection between art and yoga, "Life is art. I think yoga is an art. I think breathing is an art, overcoming obstacles in life is an art, and that's what doing yoga on the mat teaches you. Yoga in art makes you even more inspired."
Students during immersive yoga session at Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience exhibitAdriana Jimenez- News Break

It turns out many museums are exploring the link between yoga, mindfulness, and culture, but Levy says the Van Gogh experience is different. "I have done yoga classes in art galleries, but nothing with the moving, projecting art. It's pretty spectacular," says Levy. During class, she refers to the students attending as the "artists" who paint their canvas with each movement. Each class features breathing exercises, sound healing, and aromatherapy, and the effect of the mindful practice on guests has been mesmerizing.
Students during immersive yoga session at Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience exhibitAdriana Jimenez- News Break

"Being able to practice and observe the magic of a canvas being transformed by an artist and learning and understanding that we are a canvas ourselves is enlightening," says Fabiola Acevedo, one of the participants in the class. "It was magical."

In Miami, experiential experiences aren't new, and spring is prime time for new art openings. "Lasting Impressions," a one-hour 3D digital journey through 100 Impressionist artworks, runs through June 16th. Artechouse in Miami Beach has "Ase: Afro Frequencies," a collaboration with London-based surrealist Vince Fraser; it will run through November 7th. Superblue Miami, the new private space for immersive art in Allapattah, opened its doors on May 20th.

You can get your tickets for the "Beyond Van Gogh: An Immersive Experience" here. The exhibit is slated to run through July 11th with adult tickets starting at $37; the yoga experience starts at $57 and happens only on Thursday morning.

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