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Jordan Mendiola

If We All Could Have a Little More Confidence in Ourselves

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Jordan Mendiola
Jordan Mendiola
 20 days ago
Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

Life knocks us all down and we respond in so many different ways.

Some of us laugh at the adversity and move forward. Others of us get knocked down, stay down, and run away scared and scarred forever.

The truth is, everything won’t go to plan. Everything can’t go to plan. We’re going to fail a hundred times or more in our lifetime and it’s unavoidable. It just happens.

When you’re a confident individual, you look at failure as another lesson learned. If we treat life like a video game, then every failure would be gained experience points that we can use to upgrade our characters.

Confidence is innate for some. For the far majority, confidence is a characteristic that must be given time and attention towards.

The most common reasons you may not be confident:

  • You feel like you aren’t working towards a goal and are going through life aimlessly without direction. 
  • You think everyone’s watching your every move and every little mistake you make is a big deal (when it isn’t).
  • You never surrounded yourself with people who lifted you and supported your life choices (whether it’s friends, family, coaches, teachers, anyone).
  • You turned a blind eye any time an opportunity confronted you and you feel like a coward for doing so.
  • You illuminate your weaknesses more than your strengths. 
  • You feel like you don’t deserve to have an opinion or a voice when decisions are being made.
  • You let your insecurities dictate your mindset.

Confidence is something that takes time to develop. 

In order to develop your self-confidence, you have to take more chances. Take more leaps of faith. Meet more like-minded individuals.

If you don’t come at life, then life is going to come at you — and it may not be the life you desire.

The moment you start thinking you’re helpless is the moment you stop living. It’s the moment you stop growing. 

You have to get the negative thoughts out of your head and take actions that are going to better yourself and put you in a better state of mind.

If everyone has a moderate amount of confidence in themselves, then we’re going to see a much more profound and meaningful planet of individuals.

When we’re confident in what we love, what we know, or what we believe in, we get to share our knowledge with others. Inspire others. 

What goes around comes around and life-changing experiences only happen when you step outside of your comfort zone and truly believe you’re worthy.