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Josie Klakström

New Lead in Macedon Murder Case

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Josie Klakström
Josie Klakström
 25 days ago

Missing pregnant woman's investigation may have new information, says private investigator.
Sandra Sollie was 8 months pregnant when she

Sandra Sollie disappeared from the small town in New York state in 1994. The 38-year-old was seven months pregnant when she went missing, along with her dog, from the Macedon shopping mall on route 31 in Wayne County, and this weekend marked 27 years since she went missing.

“There were some theories that she might have run away. She was so excited about having a baby. That theory doesn’t make sense. I think she got in a car with someone expecting to come back and then they did away with her and she never came back," said private investigator Richard Ingraham.

On the day she went missing, she told friends that she was planning to meet her ex-husband, but he claimed that he had no involvement in her disappearance. Sandra wasn’t reported missing until nearly two weeks later.

After she went missing, Sandra’s wallet was found in Rochester, thrown in a hedge. Her poodle’s identification tag was found in a bin outside of a car wash in Penfield, Monroe County.

One of the issues behind the investigation is a lack of DNA for Sandra. However, Ingraham, who’s been working on Sandra’s case pro bono for the last 25 years, now has a new lead.

“The new information looks good. Something might be breaking soon, I hope. It might be days, weeks or months, but something is working,” he said to 13WHAM.

On Saturday, Sandra’s family and friends gathered at the side of the road on route 31 to hang a banner displaying information about Sandra’s disappearance. Sandra’s niece told of her frustration.

“It has been a toll on my life over the years. Understanding why someone would do such a hurtful, evil thing, that would tear a family apart.”

If you have information on the whereabouts of Sandra Sollie, please contact the New York state police or private investigator Richard Ingraham at 585-465-8769.