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3 movies that were filmed in Plano

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 21 days ago
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Plano is a beautiful city in the state of Texas. The city is home to 287,064 residents and it is the 9th largest city in the state of Texas. Plano is also known as "The City Of Excellence". The city's economy is mainly based on businesses, and several successful companies have established their headquarters in the town. Although most visitors who visit Plano visit the city for business purposes, the city has many tourist attractions. Some of them are Bob Woodruff Park, Oak Point Park, and many other fantastic recreation parks which contribute to the city's economy by attracting visitors. 

The city has provided great locations for several award-winning movies. A few of them are as follows: 

The Rodeo Thief (2020)

Written and directed by Brett Bentman. Even though the movie is released recently, it has already won two awards.

Boone Carson is a former bull rider, a tough guy who had cut a finger off a guy who had owed him money. He gets injured, and it is impossible to get on horseback again. He doesn't have a way to live and take care of his mother, who has cancer. And also, they are about to be thrown out of their house, and his brother is in jail. Amidst all these situations, he decides to work for a loan shark, and part of his work is steal roping horses. He could steal horses well as he has previous experience in handling them. Do you think he will be able to continue doing that without getting caught?

Filming location:

147N. Plano Rd. Richardson, Texas, USA

Plano, Texas, USA

Soul Frackers (2020)

This movie is a science-fiction comedy written by Adam and Bennett Litwin and directed by Jeffrey Nicholson. 

Everyone is curious about what's going to happen after the death of a person. The movie has a hilarious perception of the afterlife, and it ironically could make the viewers want to die and see how the afterlife would be. A recently released fantastic movie that everyone should watch and share a laugh at, even though death is one serious life event.

Filming location:

Plano, Texas, USA

Grand Prix: The Winning Tale (2011)

A family drama written and directed by Robert Paschall Jr. 

Alice, a fourteen-year-old girl who lived in her small town happily with her father, moved to a big city because of her father's new marriage. As she changes to a new school in the town, Rick and his friends start attacking Alice and her new friends, which she managed to make quickly. Rick is a Go-Kart racer, and he mentions it as "his game" Alice realizes she can get over his tortures if she wins a go-kart race against him. 

When Alice and her friends were in search of finding someone to teach them how to do go-karting, they some across Dom, who is also known as "The Go Kart King." 

Dom teaches Alice everything about go-karting, and Alice and her friends challenge Rick and his gang for a race. Will Alice and the friends win and be able to face the bullies down?

Filming location:

Plano, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

Nemesis (2000), It's In The Water (1997), Slap Her, She's French (2002), Fields of Fuel (2008) are some of the other movies that were filmed in Plano and were very successful. 

Have you seen all these movies or do you still miss some of them? Also, do you know any other movie that was shot in this city? Please let me know in the comments, I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.,_Texas

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