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Belfast, ME

The best seafood restaurants in Belfast, Maine

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Stephen L Dalton
Stephen L Dalton
 23 days ago
A massive seafood platter.John Dexter/Pixabay

Any seafood restaurant you choose in Belfast, ME, will naturally bring saliva to your mouth, especially if you love lobster rolls.

However, a massive platter of various seafood items, French fries, or onion rings with lots of tartar sauce and ketchup will tickle the palate. Since they’re locally caught and cooked, they’re fresh and delicious.

Whereas there are dozens of seafood restaurants around Belfast, ME, these are the ones I have enjoyed and people recommend consistently.

The Dockside Family Restaurant

The locals rave about eating out on the deck here that overlooks Belfast Bay and the friendly staff. However, you can get a view of the bay and the boats coming and going from inside the restaurant as well.

Many come for the lobster roll, while landlubbers love the steak and cheese. Either one is more than enough for most people. Plus, there’s a full-service bar if you want beer, wine, or cocktails with dinner or at the bar.
The Dockside Cheeseburger with a fried egg and bacon.By the author.

But that’s not all they serve. Come by for lunch and get the Dockside cheeseburger with egg & bacon.

Bustling Belfast, ME

With 303 written reviews on Trip Advisor, customers rated it as a 4.0 out of 5-stars, and 202 rated it either four or five-star.

Marshall G. says, “If you like old-school Maine restaurants, with friendly waitresses, honest decent food, and that classic decor, you will love this place.”

Located at 30 Maine St in Belfast, call (207) 338-6889.
The draft tap at the Front Street Pub in Belfast.By the author.

Front Street Pub

Many lobster fishermen (this is gender-neutral, one of my best friends calls herself a “lobster fisherman”) come to the Pub after all day pulling traps for a cold “draft,” what the locals call a beer on tap. They have as many as 17 beers on tap, including many local craft beers — But no worries, you can get a PBR or Guinness if you like.
The Front Street Pub's Fried Shrimp basket with Fries and Cole Slaw.By the author.

One hundred and fifty written reviews on Trip Advisor rated the Pub four-star overall, and 116 of those rated the Pub either four or five-stars.

Caroline M. from Ellsworth, ME, said, “Alyssa was excellent and recommended adding mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach to my Mac & Cheese. Best Mac & Cheese I have ever had by far.”

Located at 37 Front St. Belfast, ME. Call (207) 338-8900.
The Nautilus seafood and grill in Belfast, ME.By the author.

Nautilus Seafood & Grill

The views from most spots in the restaurant are excellent. But you could sit out on the deck too. However, I went in December and you wouldn’t want to sit outside in Maine then.

I started with a spinach and scallop salad. That could have been a meal by itself with lots of feta and black olives. But I went ahead and ordered the surf and turf. They cut my steak into the shape of a fish, which I thought was pretty clever, and they cooked it exactly as I like it, and the lobster tail was sweet and juicy with lots of butter on the side. And the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale was excellent too!
The lobster roll from the Nautilus seafood and grill restaurant.By the author.

The 608 people who left a written review on Trip Advisor rated the Nautilus four-star overall, and 445 rated it either four or five-stars.

Lauren V. said, “I am so thankful I stopped off here. Service was wonderful, views were beautiful, and food was amazing! Perfect solo trip and lunch. Highly recommend this spot.”

Located at 3 Main St. Belfast, ME. Call (207) 338-6820.
Young's Lobster Pound exterior.By the author.

Young’s Lobster Pound

Although the “best” is subjective, most Mainers and tourist would not argue with this assessment. Most locals refer to the Lobster Pound as the best, primarily because it has won several “Best of the best” awards.

In 2020, they won first place for Best Seafood Market, Best Lobster Dinner, and Best Lobster Roll by The People’s Choice Awards. When you win an award, most of us are more impressed by an award voted by the people rather than a paid critic. — Don’t you think?
Captain Seaweed the mascot of Young's Lobster Pound.By the author.

If it’s you and another friend sharing a meal, try the Bucket List for about $65 or $70, depending on the market price for lobster. It consists of two steamed lobsters, two ears of corn, shrimp, oysters, cocktail sauce, butter, and lemon.

Most locals will tell you, “It’s wicked good!” But it’s more than that. It the entire experience; you can watch as they offload the lobster, put them in the tank, pick which you want for dinner, and then drool over the eye-pleasing display of food.

What’s more, at Young’s, you can get fresh seafood by the pound to take home or ship anywhere in the continental US, guaranteed to be delivered fresh. Make sure you tell them fresh lobster is green and brown, it turns orange when you cook it.

Best lobster place in Maine / Young's Lobster Pound

With 1,093 written reviews on Trip Advisor, customers rated it as a 4.5 out of 5-stars, and 921 rated it either four or five-star.

Reslimpan said, “Classic lobster shack offering high quality seafood and lobsters in particular. Down to earth. Simple, good, dependent on solely non-fresh ingredients.”

Located on Mitchell Avenue, Call (207) 338-1160.

Final thoughts

Well, there you have it. Out of the nearly two dozen seafood restaurants in Belfast, Maine, these are my favorites. The best method to determine which is the best, in your opinion, is to stop by Belfast and try them all.

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