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The Prettiest Restaurants In NYC | Pt. 2

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Rachel On Trend
Rachel On Trend
 24 days ago

I previously posted a part 1 to this article all about my favorite pretty and aesthetic restaurants in New York City. And honestly there are just so many great restaurants in the city, that I had to make a part 2.

Here are my next selections of super instagram worthy restaurants that you need to visit in New York City!

While We Were Young (Greenwich Village)

First up we’ve got While We Were Young. This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in New York City. I swear it has one of the most Instagram worthy interiors I’ve ever seen! It’s located in Greenwich Village and they serve delicious contemporary American cuisine along with amazing hand crafted cocktails! Like I said, their interiors are just so stunning and honestly an instagrammer’s dream! It’s a super chic and stylish setting, with a marble bar, pink quilted velvet seating, and beautiful florals - you will definitely get the perfect instagram shot here!

Soho Diner (Soho)

Next up we’ve got another favorite of mine (I mean let’s be real I am probably going to say that every restaurant on this list is my favorite!), the Soho Diner. This classic American style inspired diner is located in Soho (obviously). They are a late night diner that serves breakfast all day long which is just amazing - because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?! I know I certainly do! They have indoor, garden, and sidewalk dining options. Their interior has a classic vintage diner feel and it’s just so aesthetic and cute - the perfect place of an instagram photo-op!

Canary Club (Lower East Side)

And now we're gonna take a trip down south (figuratively not literally of course since this article is all about NYC restaurants)! TheCanary Club is located on the Lower East Side, and they are a restaurant, cocktail lounge, and live music club. They serve New Orleans inspired dishes and drinks that are absolutely delicious! This is one of my favorite insta-worthy restaurants because their sage green bar is just an instagram dream! The whole restaurant gives me vintage NoLa vibes and I am HERE for it!

1803 NYC (Tribeca)

Continuing on our New Orleans journey in New York City - we’ve got 1803 NYC, yet ANOTHER New Orleans inspired restaurant in the city! 1803 NYC is located in Tribeca and they serve upscale cajun and creaole inspired dishes and drinks. Their decor is inspired by the New Orleans French Quarter, and let me tell you it is just absolutely gorgeous! They have such fun decor, beautiful wall murals,and their bar is the perfect aesthetic and picturesque photo-op spot!

La Mercier (Soho)

Another one of my favorite restaurants is La Mercier. They serve French cuisine inspired by everyday French cafe fare. I absolutely love going here for brunch - you just can’t go wrong with it. This place is again, stunningly decorated. It’s got rustic vintage vibes, but still so sophisticated with it’s velvet lined booths - the perfect instagrammable touch. They also have gorgeous greenery everywhere that changes with the season, so every time you go there it’s like a new experience. afe Medi (Lower East Side)

Serra (Flatiron District)

Next up is Serra, which is a restaurant that I talked about in my recent post about the best NYC rooftop restaurants, but it’s just so beautiful I had to include it on this list also! Serra is located on the rooftop of Eataly in the Flatiron District. They have a seasonally rotating menu that’s inspired by classic Italian countryside dishes, and they serve delicious botanical inspired drinks! This rooftop bar is the perfect photo location because they have such an amazing floral display that changes with the seasons! I love this because you can go there multiple times, and still get a unique experience every time you go - amazing!

The Fulton (Seaport)

I also love The Fulton which is located in Seaport/ the Financial District/ Pier 17 area of NYC. They are a seafood restaurant that serves wild caught seafood and seasonal cocktails. They have the most gorgeous modern and contemporary interiors, and if that’s not good enough for you, they’ve got the most stunning view of the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge. The views from this place are definitely insta-worthy in my opinion!

NOMO Kitchen (Soho)

And last but certainly not least, is NOMO Kitchen in Soho. They serve American food with global influences. They also have hand-crafted and seasonal cocktails that are just delicious! I love this place because they have such a modern design style but with beautiful vintage touches. Their chandeliers are just the most stunning things I’ve ever seen and trust me when I say you need to try this restaurant out!

I hope that you guys enjoyed these picks for super gorgeous and aesthetic restaurants in New York City! I know that I can’t wait to spend my summer eating at these places with friends and family because they are amazing! Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to any of these places before, or if you are planning to visit them soon! And don’t forget to read part 1 of this article to see my full list of top instagram worthy restaurants in NYC!