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Discover your style with Kathy Kuo, entrepreneur, plus 9 home and outside activities for Memorial Day, New York, NY

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Karen Madej
Karen Madej
 30 days ago
Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

When COVID-19 hit Kathy Kuo Homes, New York, New York, in 2020, this entrepreneur demonstrated her skills in bootstrapping. Like many of us, she did what she needed to do to survive with no outside help.

She looked at her business and decided to focus efforts on prioritizing the customer experience and customer relationship building.

This approach is not something new to Ms Kuo. She built her business with no superfluous fat, a combative attitude and money-savvy from the get-go. Bootstrapping involves living frugally for as long as it takes while dealing with all the pressure startups put on a person.

She hired more people in 2020 to deal with online sales. By saving money in unnecessary areas of her business she managed to finance her own business and continued to provide goods for her customers all over the US!

This summer Kathy Kuo, launched her summer classics, outdoor umbrellas, and Friday night lights. And also offers a Memorial Day Sale.

Their selection of delightful home decor items invites you to visualise where you could use them in your home or outside in your garden.

Discover your style

I don't know about you, but I don't have a clue about home decor. I know what looks good when I see it but can I assemble room to make it look fashionable and welcoming? I struggle, do you? If money were no object, I'd hire an expert to put together a few choices of styles, colours, textures. I love different textures, don't you?

There's a fun home design styles quiz from The Havenly you might like to try. It's free! The quiz asks you to choose a room that makes you swoon. Then it asks whether you are new to design, have you dabbled with it, or if you are professional. There's no pressure or obligation to buy anything from them.
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Their quiz is quick, fun and correct. I am a Bohemian at heart. This is so me. Find out what yours is and let me know in the comments!

Peace, love, and patterns. Your love of vibrant colors, layered textures, and ornate embellishments create a whimsical lair with let-down-your-hair flair.

My personal preference for home decor is to rent a furnished apartment so I don't have to think about the decor. I also buy items like lamps for practical purposes, i.e. reading or mood lighting. In fact, I liked the Christmas tree lights, left behind by a previous renter, so much I wound them up on my hand and arm and placed them on a spare coffee table. They look great in the living room and give off just the right amount of light for TV watching!

Memorial Day Activities

Might include sprucing up your living room or garden.
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Head on over to the sales to see if you can make some excellent savings on the styles you love.

Other exciting activities to do over the three day weekend include:

  1. Spending time with friends and family in your backyard or watching your favourite movies.
  2. Attend the Brooklyn Memorial Day parade - socially distanced and masked, of course! Starts at 11 am on Third Avenue and 78th Street in Bay Ridge, Monday 31.
  3. The Time Out Market New York reopens on May 27 go along for arts, culture and a meal
  4. Take a ride on Jane's Carousel in DUMBO park
  5. New York City Beaches are open this Memorial Day, gather your family up and soak in the rays
  6. Avoid the crowds and take your picnic to Isham Park
  7. If you'd rather buy your picnic head over to Snug Harbor Governors Island for a community event, 5 BORO PICNYC on May 29. Buy your tickets ASAP.
  8. Go shopping at NEST New York on May 31 for a 20% discount sitewide
  9. The GOODEE Anniversary sale offers 40% off May 21-31

I hope you enjoyed an introduction to Kathy Kuo and how she operates as an entrepreneur in New York, New York.

The companies that adapted and survived by going fully online helped give employment to people and also gave pleasure to customers who wanted to find that perfect item to add style and a flourish to their homes or gardens.

Brightening your home can be cheap and cheerful especially if you pick up a bargain in the sales.

Enjoy the Memorial Weekend Sales and activities, New Yorkers! There's something for everyone.