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Fort Worth, TX

3 movies that were filmed in Fort Worth

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 26 days ago
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Although the city is known as Cowtown due to the ancient cattle ranching industry, the city is full of beautiful locations which attract thousands of tourists each year.

Fort Worth is the fifth-largest city in the state of Texas and it’s the home for nearly one million residents. The city has a well-developed economy as major companies like American Airlines, John Peter Smith hospital, RadioShack and many more have been headquartered in Fort Worth. Also, this has been ranked fifteenth on the Forbes list of the “Best Places for Business and Careers”. The city attracts tourists mainly because of the parks such as The Japanese gardens and the museums like CR Smith museum where the American Airlines DC-3NC21798 “Flagship Knoxville” is on permanent display.

The city has amazing locations with breathtaking sceneries and those have provided great locations for many successful movies and some of their areas follows:

Glory Road (2006)

This is a sports drama film which is based on true events and directed by James Gartner.

Don Haskins, a coach of a girl’s basketball team gets invited to be the head coach of Texas Western College to recruit a basketball team. He forms a team with seven African students and his decisions were controversial due to the prevailing racism and discriminations. The movie shows how they face all the financial obstacles and hate towards them as a team and how they win the championship final against Kentucky.

Filming location:

Fort Worth, Texas, USA (Second unit)

The Old Man & The Gun (2018)

The script is based on David Grann’s article in The New Yorker with the same name. The biography was directed by David Lowery.

Forrest Tucker, a known criminal a wanted man for years finally gets arrested but he escapes proving that the name escape artist suits him well. He is 71 years old by the time he escapes and three years later he robs a bank and while escaping from the police he meets a woman called Jewel and she becomes a major part of his life even though he continues on his criminal works.

Police capture Tucker one day and the guy doesn’t attempt to escape as he follows his lady love, Jewel’s advice. After being imprisoned for several years he finally comes out clean and Jewel is there to pick him up.

Filming location:

TCC, Fort Worth, Texas, USA (shooting range)

Ohio, USA

Miss Juneteenth (2020)

Written and directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples

Turquoise Jones is a single mother who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her daughter, Kai. She has won the local beauty pageant named Miss Juneteenth which offers a full scholarship to college. She wants her daughter also to participate in the same pageant as her.

Turquoise badly wants Kai to be in this pageant because she couldn’t be successful as other former winners of the pageant as she was pregnant with Kai and dropped out of college.

Kai is not as excited as her mother about the pageant and somehow she starts preparations, her father promises to buy a dress for her for the event, and later he fails to find the money for the dress. Turquoise forces Kai to compete in her old gown which she wore for her pageant years ago.

Will Kai participate in her mother’s gown? Will she be miss Juneteenth? You will have to watch the movie to know…

Filming location:

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Also, Batman and Robin (1997), Serving Sara (2002), Never goin’ Back (2018), My All American (2015) St. Nick (2009) are some of the other movies that have been filmed in Fort Worth, Texas.

How many of these have you seen? Please share with us if you know of any more movies that happened in Fort Worth.,_Texas

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