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3 movies that were filmed in El Paso

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 20 days ago
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The city slightly differs from other cities of the state of Texas by the landscapes as El Paso has unique desert landscapes consisting of desert flowers. The city's location enhances the beauty of the city as it's located on the left bank of the beautiful Rio Grande river.

The city, with a population of 681,728 is the sixth-largest city in Texas. The city is one of the safest cities in the US and has been ranked in the top three safest large cities in the United States. Also, the city has received an All-America City Award. El Paso's economy primarily depends on international trades, military, government civil service, health care, and tourism. Over 2.3 million visitors visit the city annually as it is rich in many attractive places and activities. The largest urban park in the United States, The Franklin Mountains State Park is also situated in this city and it is a major tourist attraction as well.

Due to the city's unique landscapes, sunny weather, and natural beauty, this has been a great set for many movies. Here are a few of them.

Sicario (2015)

This action thriller story is written by Taylor Sheridan and directed by Denis Villeneuve.

After showing her colors among males, idealistic FBI agent Kate macer gets assigned for a major mission on stopping drug cartel operations between the United States and Mexico. As she gets into the project she realizes potentially illegal and unethical methods the FBI uses against criminals as she decides to stand against it, the heads of the FBI threaten her at gunpoint to give a statement and sign to certify saying that all operations were legal and ethical. She aims her gun at the guy but is not able to trigger it. What do you think she will do? Watch the movie to know more…

Filming location:

El Paso, Texas, USA

Due Date (2010)

A comedy road film directed by Todd Phillips and Adam Sztykiel.

Peter Highman, an architect who is at the airport hoping to fly home from Atlanta to Los Angeles to be with his wife Sarah when she delivers their baby. At the airport, he gets to know Ethan Tremblay who is hoping to pursue an acting career also going to fly from Atlanta to Los Angeles on the same flight. When they are having a conversation Ethan uses words like 'terrorists' and 'bombs' and they are being removed from the plane immediately and added to the 'No Fly List.

They plan to drive to Los Angeles and halfway when Ethan stops to buy marijuana, they realize that they don't have money either as Peter lost his wallet at the airport. He asks his wife to wire transfer money to Ethan as he doesn't have an ID, it turns out Ethan's ID is in his stage name and that's not accepted. Will they be able to make it to Los Angeles on time of the birth of the child? Find an answer by watching the movie.

Filming location:

Los Angeles, California, USA

El Paso, California, USA

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

This is a climate science fiction disaster film that is written and directed by Roland Emerich.

Jack Hall, a paleoclimatologist realizes a sudden climate change could cause an ice age along with his friends. At a UN conference held in India he brings up the issue but the Vice President of the United States ignores his concerns. Later NASA accepts his theory and builds a forecast model based on his research. Three massive hurricanes which cause freezing of the air occur above several places in the world proving that what Jack said was true. Will they be able to stop the world from going into an ice age again?

Filming location:

New Delhi, India

El Paso, Texas, USA

Here are some more movies which were shit in El Paso Lolita (1997), Man on fire (2004), Traffic (2000), The counselor (2013)

Which one is your favorite? Let us know...