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New York City, NY

Five Awesome Parks in New York

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 30 days ago

New York is popularly known as a jungle, a world that never stops. It’s known as a big city but as big as it is, it is also home to a lot of green spaces. New York has approximately 1,700 scattered around the five boroughs.

Bow bridge in Central Park.

Image From Pinterest by Linda Kochvar

Is it possible to say you’ve been to New York without being in Central Park? A lot of New Yorkers would say no. It is arguably the most visited park in the city or maybe in the world at large. Central Park takes up 840 acres right in the heart of Manhattan. 

It was one of the first American parks to be designed with the use of landscape architecture, the park is also man made. These days it has acres of grassy meadows, rocky cliffs, fountains, lakes and even a castle. It is a calm place to be in.

Bryant Park.

Image From Pinterest by H3

Without a doubt, the park is the cultural heart of Middleton Manhattan. A safe space surrounded by office buildings, just a few steps from Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library. It is a meeting ground for New Yorkers at any time of the day.

Every year the park hosts more than 1,000 activities. From ice skating at Winter Village during the colder months, down to watching free summer movies on the lawn. Endless entertainment, pop-up performances, lots of spaces and tables for outdoor dining. Bryant Park is one of New York’s most treasured pockets. 

High lane park

Image From Pinterest by fotocumminity

This was never meant to be a park, but it’s a huge part of the charm of New York’s high line park. It is now one of the top attractions of New York City. 

In the 1920s, an elevated rail line was created to help protect pedestrians from dangers of freight trains that used to deliver up and down 10th Avenue; after the rise of trucks in the 1980s, the railroad fell into disuse. It stayed unused until the early 2000s when Mayor Michael Bloomberg approved the rail being transformed into a park for pedestrians.

Today, it is now a renovated track turned walk away lined with green space. Food stalls and lounge chairs.

Inwood Hill Park

Image From Pinterest by time out.

Perched on the very northern tip of Manhattan is the inwood hill park, it is a slice of green space. It is like taking a walk to New York’s past, like the prehistoric past. With caves, valleys and ridges. 

A vast part of the island has remained in a very pristine state since the Europeans settled in the island of Manhattan in the 17th and 18th century. Today it is a haven for hiking and biking alongside the Hudson River area. It is a great spot for hangouts among friends. It also has spectacular views for photography purposes.

Prospect Park.

Image from Reddit.

Taking a space of 585 acres in the Brooklyn park, it is the sister park to Manhattan’s Central Park. It is the jewel of Brooklyn, adored by all of its residents. 

The park was designed by the same architectural team that was responsible for the design of Central Park. It is located between the Soldiers and Sailors' memorial arch at Grand Army plaza to the expansive long meadow and a whole lot in between. There’s a lot in between to explore within this green space. 

The park is an oasis of calm and quite possibly one of the most peaceful places to visit in Brooklyn. 

There are a lot more parks to visit in New York but these are a hand picked few that would give you the serene and peaceful effect of parks.