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This Maine Woman Sets New Example of Fighting Hunger

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Mark Star
Mark Star
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The Lost Kitchen in Freedom has raised nearly $100,000 to solve the problem of hunger across the town.

As various Mainers gather around lunch and dinner tables for the most food-centric holiday of the years, others are left hungry and are unsure of where to go for the next meal. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, the rate of food insecurity is over 11 percent, which is the lowest since the recession. However, in Maine, the situation is different. About 14 percent of households are food insecure, which is one of the highest rates in the United States.

“Before the recession, our rate of hunger was less than 8%,” Kristen Miale said. He has been the president of the largest hunger-relief organization in Maine, the Good Shepherd Food Bank. They have had distributed food to all 16 counties in the state. Kristen Miale has pointed to findings from the Maine Center for Economic Policy to explain why the food insecurity rate of the state has elevated for such a long time. The report reveals that the rate of unemployment has reduced in Maine, but various middle-class jobs have been replaced with low-wage jobs. Some of them have even disappeared, making the lives of various Mainers difficult. It means people who are working face as many difficulties getting enough food for their households as jobless individuals.

The Lost Kitchen in Freedom – A Hope for Hungry Mainers

It took a coalition six months to collect up to $100,000. In 2020, she laid the foundation of The Lost Kitchen in Freedom. This year, things have changed for the restaurant thanks to its popularity and an outstanding and creative reservation system. Some time ago, a lot of donations were given to The Lost Kitchen in Freedom, which exceeded what it raised in all of last year. The best part is that the funds are still coming from rich people living in different parts of the United States and worldwide.

Would you like to know the name of its owner? Well, Emily French is the owner and chef of The Lost Kitchen in Freedom. It has now become a popular restaurant in Freedom, ME, and can be found some miles down the road from where she was raised. On her Instagram and newsletter, Emily French has mentioned that she will partner with Waldo County Bounty to expand the work. People who donate something will be given early and quick access to the instructions for the reservation process. Anyone can make a donation of $1, $2, or more.

“Imagine the power, if all of us together made a donation,” she shared on Instagram. “It’s such a beautiful thing. I hope it works. I hope you guys go out and support it.”