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New York City, NY

Interactive Harry Potter store will open in June between Broadway and 5th Avenue in New York

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Desiree Peralta
Desiree Peralta
 30 days ago
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J.K. Rowling, the creator of the famous saga Harry Potter and other books, has approved a new home for her flagship store in New York City, to open June 3, Warner Bros announced.

The three-story venue has more than 20,000 square feet for shopping, activities, and opportunities for the magic associated with the character and those close to her. Additionally, the musical "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is set to return to Broadway when theaters reopen in the fall.

The store is also located on Broadway, on 22nd Street, spanning up to 5th Avenue.

There will be 15 different areas, including a large-scale statue of “Fawkes” the phoenix dominating the entrance, a New York exclusive crafted by a team of custom accessory makers who put together a number of unique features throughout the store, the New York Post said.
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It also will have a phone booth "in London" from where visitors can be "transported" to the headquarters of the Ministry of Magic. Muggles, on the other hand, are invited to take photos and be on their way, wearing wands, robes, and other personalized sacraments of wizardry.

Virtual reality stations will give visitors the experience of flying broomsticks, as well as an up-close look at the charming Hogwarts campus. Hungry visitors can also recharge with signature snacks typically only found in Diagon Alley, such as Honeydukes Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's All Flavors Candy, and Wizards' Butterbeer.

Genuine fans can delight in the collection of graphic artifacts from the book series in the store, including a display of Daily Prophet covers, issues from the Quibbler, and Harry's acceptance letter at Hogwarts.
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"We combine the best of the Harry Potter Shop at Station 9 3/4 (at London's King's Cross Train Terminal), the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, and the Harry Potter New York for an enchanting consumer experience," said the store's website, which is now live with items from Rowling's other saga, "Fantastic Beasts."

In all, more than 1,000 Wizarding World props will be on display, many of which were used in blockbuster movies. To avoid crowds, visitors will have the opportunity to scan a QR code at the entrance of the business to be notified when they are allowed to enter without losing their place in line.

The Harry Potter emporium in New York will physically open on June 3, when the summer and the high vaccination rate in the United States allow the local tourism season to reactivate. The "shop" will be at 935 Broadway, almost in front of the iconic "Flatiron" building.

Although there are two weeks to open, you can already take a look at what the original store will sell and what it will look like, by visiting the portal.