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Spokane, WA

10 Spokane Bookstores To Checkout Today

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J.R. Heimbigner
J.R. Heimbigner
 22 days ago
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I love going to bookstores.

Especially in the heat of the summer. They are always quiet, cool, and there is something about them that makes me want to end up buying a book or three. My wife doesn't enjoy my stop-in at bookstores as much because I always come home with a lot of extra books, but I know the store owner appreciates my business.

Bookstores are becoming harder to come by these days though.

Especially now with Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Nobles Nook, and so many others. E-books have taken over our readings. Especially because they're more convenient to have our books wherever we go on the e-reader, iPad, or our phones.

However, I try to make a point to continue reading from paper books. There are a ton of benefits to reading from hardcopy books and I just like seeing shelves and shelves of books in my home to read and to share with others so easily.

Since moving to Spokane, I am always trying to find new places to go. Sure it is easy to go to Barnes and Noble, and they are on the list today, but there are some great smaller stores where you might even be able to find some great books for bargain prices.

10 Great Bookstores To Check Out This Summer

Today's list of ten bookstores is for you to stop in and find a new book this summer. Whether you are going on vacation, staying home, or just need something to read in the evenings. Check out these bookstores and find some good books.

Auntie's Bookstore

Located on West Main in downtown Spokane, this bookstore touts a wide variety of books to read with multiple levels to find just the book you are looking for this summer. They have both new and used books, special events, and local authors. This is probably one of the best bookstores around town and by far my favorite to look through.

Giant Nerd Books

When I stepped through the doors of this little shop originally I was immediately taken aback by the unusualness of the place. It is like a book hoarder's paradise. As I looked through the shelves I realized this would be the place to find an obscure edition to a book I never knew I wanted. And, the person who was watching over the stores was super nice.

2nd Look Books

This little bookstore is located on East 29th on the South Hill. I have stopped in here a time or two while my wife was in shopping at Trader Joe's or JoAnn's Fabrics. This bookstore has been open for 35 years and it too has new and used books. They also keep local authors in their store as well. It is a great place to stop in if you live on the South Hill.

Wishing Tree Books

Located on East 11th near the Perry District, you will find this little shop. This shop also touts games, stationery, and a variety of books. While I don't go down to the Perry District very often, it was a nice breath of fresh air stopping in and checking out this store.

Atticus Coffee and Gifts

Okay, okay, they are a coffee shop first. And, I have talked about them before. But, they do tout a small bookstore too. However, the last time I stopped in for a cup of coffee, I noticed that their books are actually very interesting. That it might be worth the time swinging through. Especially on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Barnes & Noble on North Division

Yes, they are a big box store. They are located in the Northtown Mall too. However, this was the place where I would pick up books for my summer reading growing up. In fact, I remember one time walking out of this place with almost a dozen books. Because they are a big box store, they are going to have access to a lot of books.

Liberty Bookstore

This is a quaint little bookstore that I stopped in at randomly earlier this year. To be honest, I don't even know if they are still open. However, they had a nice setup and were super friendly. If they are still there, stop in and check them out.

Corner Door

This is another one of those unusual little places. Located on North Argonne, they are a bookstore, cafe, and ice cream shop. Something for everyone. Nevertheless, it was an interesting place to check out on my tour de bookstore.

Barnes & Noble Spokane Valley

This is another big box store of course, but they stand alone with a larger cafe out in the valley. This is where I have spent many lunchtimes writing, reading, and taking a break from my day job. It is a great place and they tend to have larger bargain book sections, which I love. My wife does not. It is a great place to check out in the valley.

Comic Book Shop

Growing up, I read a lot of comic books. I had no idea places like this existed. So, I added them to this list as a potential place to check out. Located on North Divison, this place has it all. Comic books, books, games, collectibles, clothes, it is kind of a giant nerdy place. I liked it. This could be a fun place to detour from your day and see if you find anything interesting.

Final Thoughts

Bookstores might be disappearing. So, like endangered animals, we need to find ways to keep the ones we have alive. Stop in this summer at a few of the places on this list and see what you might find for your reading pleasure.

You never know, you might find a new favorite place.