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New York City, NY

7 Best Camping Spots in New York State

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Diana Bernardo
Diana Bernardo
 25 days ago
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Lights, sparkles, and glamour - who doesn’t love living in New York City?

There is so much to do, so much to explore! But, sometimes, it can get too tiring and all you wish to do is escape the hustle-bustle and take a breath of fresh air.

And, you know what’s most amazing about New York City? You don’t need to cross states to immerse yourself in a wild outdoor experience. Just get yourself ready, pack some stuff, and head over to these best camping spots in New York State!

Harriman State Park

The second-largest park in the state, Harriman State Park is located in the Rockland and Orange counties. It has a diversity of features and facilities to make your camping trip amazing!

There are 31 lakes and reservoirs, 2 beaches, 200 miles of hiking trails, 2 public camping areas, streams, road, wildlife species, and whatnot!

Once there, you can go hiking, biking, trailing, swimming, wildlife exploring, and so much more. There are also Tentrr campsites at the Harriman State Park, where you can access fully-equipped canvas wall tents, hence saving the trouble of setting one yourself!

Gunks Campground

Yes, it appears a little weird, but it sure is one of the best camping sites in New York!

Originally called Samuel F. Pryor III Shawangunk Gateway Campground, the Gunk Campground was opened by a collaboration between different authorities back in 2014. It is a dedicated camping place with separate areas for campers.

In total, the campground has 50 spots, with each spot allowing up to two tents and four people. You can book the spot beforehand by contacting the administrative staff.

There is a pavilion and cooking area too. You can also find circulation trails, high-quality bathrooms, and restroom facilities. The Gunk campground is a perfect place to reconnect with nature and explore the stunning Shawangunk Mountains, lakes, as well as waterfalls.

Fahnestock State Park

The Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park is a 14,086 acres massive park present in Putnam and Dutchess counties. It features huge water bodies, lush greenery, and a plethora of outdoor activities.

There are picnic areas, hiking trails, a scenic campground, hunting, and boating facilities. If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you might find this place quite thrilling. You can fish at both the lakes-Stillwater and Canopus Lakes. But, for this, you must get a permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Peekamoose Mountain

Lush greenery and fresh air: the Peekamoose Mountains revitalize your soul and mind.

These beautiful green mountains are located in Ulster County and are part of the Catskill Mountains. You can take the Long Path to cross the summits of both Peekamoose and Table Mountain. Long-Path is a 560km long-distance hiking trail from New York City to Albany.

While hiking, you can stop in the luscious green woods and camp. Spending days in nature is surely going to bring you the peace of mind and calmness one needs!

Wildwood State Park

The Wildwood State Park, following its name, is 600 acres of undeveloped hardwood forest that overlooks Long Island Sound. This amazing place combines the serenity of the woods with the freshness of the water, making it a perfect camping spot!

The authority has made dedicated trailer and tent sites available, considering the large amounts of campers at the park. You can also book the newly-built cozy cottages. So, one can expect all types of high-quality facilities for a good, adventurous weekend.

Visitors at the Wildwood State Park can swim, picnic, hike, fish, and camp. There is also a playground nearby for families with kids.

Kittatinny Campground

The Kittatinny Campground, also called KC or K-camp, is one of the most popular camping sites in Barryville, New York. It covers a total of 250 acres of land with 350 campsites.

Full of trout streams and bald eagles- the Kittatinny Campground is present along the upper Delaware River in the Catskill Mountains. So, you can walk through the mesmerizing woods or enjoy by the river.

There is an Adventure Center nearby where you can access all sorts of outdoor activities, such as raft, dual racing zip lines, kayak, canoe, and even paintballs!

Hither Hills State Park

Having scenic picnic areas and fireplaces-the Hither Hills State Park is going to leave you brimming with excitement even weeks after the trip!

It has a 189 site campground, a massive playground for kids, a fishing area, and a sandy ocean beach. There are also the amazing walking dunes of Napeague Harbor present on the eastern part.

These walking dunes feature stunning woodlands of Russian olive, shad, oak, and pine trees. You can also go hiking and biking in the area.

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