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Richard Fang

Why Bluestone Lane Coffee In New York Was Refreshing For An Aussie

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Richard Fang
Richard Fang

Approved by an Aussie coffee lover.
Bluestone Lane

I love coffee. I have one in the morning, lunch, and late afternoon.

This is why being in New York can be a bit of a pickle when you're a coffee lover. For as long as I remember, the US is not the greatest at producing good quality coffee.

Unlike in Australia, the coffee culture is not as strong, and black or Starbucks' coffee is approved over other forms. Of course, there are niche coffee stores that serve a nice brew, but you simply can't rely on a small shop, especially with COVID-19.

Why Bluestone coffee was refreshing for me

Bluestone Lane is an Aussie-inspired coffee shop that focuses on providing the coffee culture that New York lacks.

The founder Nick Stone found himself missing his local Melbourne cafe experience. He moved to Manhattan for this job in banking but found himself yearning for that coffee experience. This inspired him to start Bluestone Lane in 2013, which has since moved beyond into 6 major cities.
First 2013 storeBluestone lane

They use a typical milk-infused brewing strategy where they roast their coffee beans to make classics like lattes and flat whites (the best way to have it). The baristas there even mentioned to me that this way of making coffee was completely new to them, and they had to learn from scratch.

Not only this, they focused on having a friendly, engaging atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and could come in, have a coffee and wind down.

I am super excited to see how far Bluestone Lane can take coffee across the US and looking forward to its presence.