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Beloved Tucson Restaurant Opening Second Location in Oro Valley

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Greyson F
Greyson F
 22 days ago
Surf and turf and tacos.Amie Watson/Unsplash

If you live in Oro Valley you have seen a recent boom in restaurants opening up shop here. As the northern suburb of Tucson continues to grow and take on its own identity, more and more restaurants with flagships in Tucson have started opening up secondary locations to help serve residents who might be moving out to Oro Valley for the space, the higher rents of downtown Tucson, or for other reasons altogether. 

One popular restaurant from the Catalina Foothills area is now making the same jump. Fini’s Landing has been a staple restaurant on Swan since 2012. It is the nearest restaurant to all of the homes and apartments that are located at the end of Swan, which makes it an easy destination for locals. It’s also one of the main reasons why the restaurant is packed to the gills on most days. There aren’t many nearby restaurants in this area of town. 

If it isn’t obvious from the decor of the restaurant upon pulling up (and especially after walking in), the restaurant specializes in surf and turf menu items. With the popularity of the restaurant owners, Scott Mencke and Doug Finical have been considering an expansion to another location for some time, but the draw to downtown was never there. Now, with the rapid growth of Oro Valley, the two saw an opportunity to not only expand but to serve many familiar customers who might have moved out from the Catalina Foothills for more space and cheaper housing.

The restaurant will open up at 8195 North Oracle Road, which is where the old Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler had previously been located. The new location will have a slight change to the name though. Instead of “Fini’s Landing,” it will simply be known as “The Landing.”

Most of the menu items will remain the same, although there will be a handful of new or tweaked offerings as well. So, if you have enjoyed the original you might want to head out to Oro Valley and see what the new location has to offer. You might discover a new menu item Fini’s doesn’t offer. 

You will still be able to enjoy the same grass-fed beef burgers offered at the original location, as well as the wings and the restaurant’s fish tacos. Tropical themed drinks will still be the norm as well. So when you are looking for a laid-back atmosphere, The Landing may be the location for you. 

Plans for the new restaurant have been in the works for over a year now, and once the owners were able to obtain the building they hit the ground running. Currently, there is no exact set date for when the restaurant will open, but all plans point to sometime next month. 

Hours will likely follow something similar to what the current location offers. These hours are Monday through Thursday, 11 AM until 10 PM, on Friday and Saturday it runs from 11 AM until midnight, and on Sunday it’s 9 AM until 10 PM with a special brunch menu. 

If you live out in Oro Valley and are looking for work, the restaurant will be hiring in the coming weeks. The best way to fill out an application and apply for a job is to either stop by the original location, which is at 5689 North Swan Road, or swing by the new location. Depending on the construction schedule for the day there may not be a manager on hand to interview you, but if you’re in the area it’s worth stopping by there first before heading out to Swan.