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Mesa, AZ

10 Places You Must Add To Your Itinerary When In Mesa

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Asmita Karanje
Asmita Karanje
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

The eastern side of Phoenix has the heart of culture, architecture, and art called Mesa. It is a place known for its grandeur and rich history. Ancient Hohokam people are attracted to this place like a magnet as it unveils a mesmerizing cultural and heritage look. One can find archaeological and architectural remains in this city, even those from the dinosaurs' epoch. Here a few awesome things about Mesa are listed.

1. Enjoy a hike at Papago Park.

It is rare to find a park-like look at a hike, that too with some lush greenery and animals. This area is surrounded by nature and its perks. It is near the downtown of Phoenix and offers many activities to its visitors. These activities include: the iconic hole in the rock trail, fishing the lagoons, one can enjoy golf, or visit the zoo and garden to aspire from nature.

2. Mesa Arts Centre

It is one of the hotspots of Mesa filled with art and culture; you get to see various performances at this location. There are many art pieces from historic times that take you back to the time. The area has a facility of $95 million and is the largest art center in Mesa.

3. Air force museum

Military museums are a fantasy to visit; they re-instill your patriotism and even motivate the younger ones to serve their country. It is one of the highly-rated places in Mesa; one can learn about airplanes and their use in the past.

You can see radial engines and many more war-related items that adorn this memorable site. This place holds the pieces of American history and is an attraction for anyone who is interested in history or vintage items.

4. Organ Stop Pizza

Good food with some good music is a treat to savor and enjoy. Organ stop pizza is a place where they have an organ that plays the music of all sorts.

It usually starts from a piece of loud music and ends with soft music. Keep in mind that they remain open from 5 pm-9 pm, and they only accept cash. Moreover, the quality of their food is simply amazing; whether it be pizza or spaghetti.

5. Riverview Park

This park has everything you wish for and that too for all ages. It has an astounding zip line, splash pad, climbing structures, and many more swings to have a thrilling time.

This place is famous, and many people revisit this place as one trip is not sufficient to satiate their adventurousness.

This park is a must-visit while you are at Mesa, Arizona, as you won't find such a complete package of entertainment anywhere else.

6. Usery mountain regional park

The park spreads around 3,648 acres and has a lot of activities to perform. You will not get bored in this park; nonetheless, you will run short of time to enjoy every single venture. You can camp there, enjoy archery, hike the multi-use trails, admire the scenery, or take a walk in the caves. Since it is a mountainous region, there are many activities for anyone to enjoy for a long time.

7. Mesa Marketplace swap meet

"If you want to know about someplace, then visit its market" goes as a saying by many experienced travelers.

This is a unique marketplace of Mesa, with many vendors and stalls that sell a variety of items. These items are unavailable at other market stores.

You can enjoy the traditional food and have some instant food like hotdogs, corn dogs, and many other things to eat. Thus, you must visit this place to have a look at the true face of Mesa with about 1600 market places, it is known as a state-of-the-art marketplace.

8. Hohokam Stadium

It is a baseball park on North Center Street. It can have 12,500 people, which is named after the Hohokam people.

Hohokam are the original natives of America from 1 AD to 1450 AD. May Oakland athletics trained in this place, and later Chicago clubs practiced here.

This place is recently renovated and had undergone many changes such that many clubs practice here. You can visit this place and enjoy a match or see them training hard.

9. Mesa Historical Museum

The Historical Society of Mesa is super active.

In 1987 they decided to establish a museum named Mesa historical museum. This building has a long history; earlier in 1913, it was a school. Later it was used as a progress administration building in 1930. In 1987, this building was registered as a historic building.

This museum has a lot of objects that have history engraved. It also has a variety of tools used for agriculture in the past.

There are three galleries in this museum, and each gallery has its own traits.

10. Temple Visitors’ Center, Mesa

Mesa Arizona Temple is a church famous for its unique architecture, gardens, and beautiful lights display. The scenic beauty of this center is unimaginably glorious, enveloping the rich culture of Mesa. There are missionaries available there who narrate the stories and answer the questions of the visitors. Here many events are held every year, and people from all around visit this place.

These ten places are some of the finest attractions of the third-largest city of Arizona. Mesa holds historical and cultural importance all around the world. Thus, it is a worthy place to pay a visit and have a splendid trip with your friends and family.

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