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3 Movies with the Main Filming Locations in Texas

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Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

Did you know Texas is home to many famous movies that you may have already watched on the Big Screen? Many filmmakers are attracted to creating films in Texas because of the magnificent wonders that the state has to offer!

The history of Texas began in 1519 when Spanish conquistadors arrived in the region populated by numerous tribal cultures. Over 10,000 years ago, people loved this region and what it provides. However, the state has been claimed by only five countries since the 16th century: France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and the United States.

A rich landscape that is ideal for farming and ranching attracts many settlers to Texas. In 1845, the region would become the 28th state after the U.S. annexed the land. Eventually, Mexico recognized the independence of the area in 1848 by signing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Although Texas' cities have grown larger and ranches have become more productive, the independent spirit of its population continues to drive this culture forward. State-wide, there is a wide variety of perspectives, but most people share some common ground. First, most people who move here love it.

Here are three movies with central filming locations in Texas:

Whip It (2009)

Whip It happens in a town near Austin. Bliss Cavendar's mother believes Bliss can win pageants at 17 - the key to a successful life. The quiet, shy Bliss isn't the type to compete in beauty pageants: she only has one friend, Pash, a fellow waitress at a diner. After discovering a women's roller derby league in Austin, Bliss tries out and proves fast enough to make the team. She must become more rigid on the rink, keep her parents from finding out where she goes twice a week, and deal with the first crush on a musician she meets at the derby.

Filming locations:

  • Austin, Texas, USA
  • Texas, USA

Planet Terror (2007)

Planet Terror is about a gang led by black market dealer Abby faces off against a group of renegade militaries led by Captain Muldoon in an abandoned military base in Texas. Abby shoots a recipient of a biological weapon during the shootout, releasing a contagious gas that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. Unfortunately, in the local hospital, Dr. Block is seeing many patients with the same nasty symptoms. After the outbreak affects most of the local population, a group of immune individuals led by mechanic Wray, the sheriff Hague, the stripper Cherry, and Dr. Dakota fight to survive and save the world.

Filming locations:

  • Austin, Texas, USA
  • Luling, Texas, USA
  • Texas, USA
  • Williamson County Texas, USA

Lone Star (1996)

Lone Star is about Sam Deeds, the Sheriff of Rio County, TX and somewhat lives in the shadow of his late father, the venerated former Sheriff Buddy Deeds. In his teenage years, Sam had always had a problematic relationship with his father, especially when Buddy forbade him to see a pretty Hispanic girl named Pilar Cruz. Local legend has Buddy Deeds, a sheriff's deputy, killing the corrupt and violent sheriff of the day, Charlie Wade. The remains of Wade are discovered in the desert, and Sam finds himself investigating his father's story from the perspective of residents, including the local bar owner, Pilar's mother, and the current mayor. Sam's new perspective on his father has a direct impact on his life choices.

Filming locations:

  • Eagle Pass, Texas, USA
  • Del Rio, Texas, USA
  • Laredo, Texas, USA
  • Luling, Texas, USA
  • Coupland, Texas, USA
  • Uhland, Texas, USA

Bonus: Here are more movies filmed in Texas:

  • Wild at Heart (1990)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
  • Bottle Rocket (1996)
  • Duel in the Sun (1946)
  • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)

Let us know more of your suggestions on movies that were filmed in Texas! Hit the comment section below!