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Get Your A/C Ready, It's Getting Hot in Virginia

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Alexandra Tsuneta
Alexandra Tsuneta

A short Virginia weather update for you to have some fun in the sun!
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The weather is heating up all around Virginia with some places reaching the high 80's low 90's within the next week! After a long and snowy winter, Virginia is setting us up for some fun in the sun with mostly sunny weather and a possibility for a few, scattered showers here and there.

Richmond will hit the 90s this week along with many other places in Virginia, so get your sunscreen on and wear a hat! Practice safe social distancing and get outside. With mask mandates being lifted for fully vaccinated Virginians and nearly half of the Virginia population being vaccinated we can only hope that this will be one fun summer!
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Remember to shelter pets from the heat! If temperatures are in the upper 90s your pets should be safe indoors and should not be walking on hot pavement or left in your cars. Practice smart weather safety and keep you, your family, and your pets safe.

For some fun in the sun check out the events calendar in your area! Carnivals and faires have arrived in Virginia and everybody is out getting some much-needed exercise and sunshine. We look forward to seeing you out there, let's get to the beach!

To check the weather in your area click here.

Please see the handy pet-heat safe diagram here to keep your furry friends safe.

As always, stay safe out there and enjoy this sunny summer weather!

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