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Austin, TX

The 7 Best Pizza Places In Austin Right Now

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Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez
 30 days ago

From Neapolitan to classic New York style, these pie purveyors are top notch
Photo by Ponyo Sakana from Pexels

Texas isn't necessarily known for it's pizza, and Austin even less so. It's known more for it's quirkiness and ability to stay a bit, let's say, left-of-center. So when I first considered writing this guide, Austin was not a pizza town.

Billed as the Silicon Valley of Texas; Austin, or ATX, is a foodie haven. Still, pizza lovers everywhere might question if central Texas is a real player. 

There have been new places popping up all over town, but there are some here that stand out from the pack and should keep you excited for future pizza adventures.

Some are so good, they could (almost) convince a cynical New Yorker to move to ATX.

This is why it was time for us to give you an updated ranking of the Austin's best pizza. 

Here are our top 7 best pizza tips for your family but please keep in mind that we aren't talking about the atmosphere, decor, and service of these pizzerias. This article's takeaway is simple: you need to eat here before it becomes a chain with too many locations. Now go enjoy some delicious pizza!

1. Pinthouse Pizza

Various Locations 

Come together with your new best friends while dining and imbibing in a casual communal setting at Pinthouse Pizza, Austin's most excellent pizzeria that doubles as a brewery.

The restaurant's food comes with organic ingredients, and all are made by hand whenever possible. Featuring funky, unexpected combos and components, each month's offering basically exemplifies Austin: totally weird and totally awesome.

Pinthouse presents some quirky and very ATX pizza combos too. One is called the Honey Pear...bringing a blend of sweet pears with prosciutto and blue cheese. Look, it works, trust us.

Another unique flav is the Jalapeno Ranch dip that'll have you wondering where it's been all your life.

You'll never go back to standard ranch again.


2. East Side Pies

Various Locations 

Perfect for the work-at-home crowd who is now allergic to pants and "work clothes"...come down and grab an awesome thin-crust pie from an Austin institution or have it delivered right to your door.

Of course, I mean East Side Pies.

With seven different base sauce options (red sauce, chimichurri sauce, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary-infused olive oil, ricotta sauce, black bean sauce, and pesto sauce) and 30+ topping options, there's genuinely a combo for every person in your crew.

True pizza fans (like me) shouldn't be discouraged, though. There's plenty of "basic" red-sauce style pies fit for every palate. Even a vegetarian option that if rabbits ate pizza would flock to this in droves.

 3. The ABGB

1305 W Oltorf St. 

Beer and pizza. Or more apt, beer garden and incredible pies is what you'll get at The ABGB. 

This place is officially named "The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.," but any true local will only know it as The ABGB. Beer may be in the spotlight, but don't be fooled...the pizza is top-notch.

Depending on the day of the week, you may find toppings like Pork Belly, White Clam, or Peaches. With a menu changing constantly based on what's in season—or simply what their chef, Tim Stevens feels like thinking up in his culinary mind, you'll never know what's coming at ya.

Trust us, it'll be good, though.
Photo by Anthony Duran on Unsplash

4. Home Slice

1415 S Congress Ave

501 E 53rd St. 

Giant, huge, slices of legit New York-style pie is the name of the game here. 

Folks coming to ATX from back East will think they're back in Jersey or NYC again. Mainly because this may be the only place in Austin that truly nails the essence of Northeast pie. You know, the slices you gotta fold to eat if you're serious!

As long as you don't mind lines, this place is the real deal.

5. The Backspace

507 San Jacinto Blvd

1739 W. Anderson Lane 

Shawn Cirkiel, the same culinary mind behind Parkside and Olive & June, is the genius behind pizza fav, The Backspace. 

With only seven pizzas available on the menu—this is def a place to come kick back and chill in.

From the simple Margherita to the delish, four-cheese Bianca and the meat-loaded Pepperoni Americano—we suggest you order them all.

Seriously. Get them all.

6. Pieous

166 Hargraves Dr

When one thinks of "piety," we think of religion. And the pizza here at Pieous is nothing short of pie that'll drop you to your knees, thanking the heavens for this.

Heaping servings of cheese, meat, and basically any vegetable that goes good with pizza can all be found here at Pieous.

Kind of set on the ATX outskirts, a true pie fan will say it's worth the extra gas money.

Oh, and as the name Pieous suggests, there are also dessert pies too. Totes legit is the Blueberry Brown Betty, a melt-in-your-mouth treat made with fresh blueberries and coated with crumble.

7. 40 North

900 W 10th St

 A hidden gem for sure, 40 North serves as one of the best pizza spots in Austin, with various pizza toppings available.

Classics like the traditional Margherita or unique flavors in a thin crust pizza are to be had, as well as the less conventional "Hot Honey" pizza. Either way, you're are likely to find something to suit your taste in this quaint joint located downtown. 

Wanna hint?

Go with the Spicy Pickle pizza, a collaboration with La Barbecue -- a dish that combines pickles (yes, pickles), spicy peppers, tangy dill, and thick slices of garlic which, somehow, works really, really well together.