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Top Must Visit Places for Your Next Trip to Oklahoma City

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Sulabh Gupta
Sulabh Gupta

Oklahoma City, the largest city in the US state of Oklahoma ranks 25th among the US cities in population and is the 11th largest city in the Southern United States. While the US is filled with a plethora of cities popular among tourists and filled with fun things to do, Oklahoma City unfortunately is being overlooked as a tourist spot. Whether you are looking to learn more about art and culture or looking for a sports fix, you will find something to entertain people from every demographic.

Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum
Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum(Serge Melki - Wikimedia Commons)

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh bombed the front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people. This was the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil until the infamous 9/11 event. The memorial pays tribute to the many victims of the Oklahoma City bombing and is one of the most sacred sites in the city. The memorial is carefully built to “offer comfort, strength, peace, hope, and serenity.”

The museum offers a self-guided and interactive tour covering the history of the site all the way to the bombing's last impact and detailed information leading to Timothy McVeigh's arrest. It is recommended to visit the memorial in the evening when the crowd is less and the lighted "chairs" engraved with the name of a victim allow your mind to experience different emotions.

Museum of Osteology
Museum of Osteology(Sklmsta - Wikimedia Commons)

Truly a unique museum, the Museum of Osteology spans a whopping 7000 square feet and displays over 400 skulls and 300 complete skeletons from all over the world. It is one of the two osteology museums in North America with the other one being in Orlando. The museum contains enormous skeletons of creatures like the humpback whale and also the tiniest of skeletons of hummingbirds and mice. You can even touch some of the skeletons.

Bricktown District
Oklahoma Bricktown Canal(Serge Melki - Wikimedia Commons)

Bricktown District is a popular downtown area and the red brick buildings that you see as restaurants, bars, and retails stores today were once warehouses. Some of the most popular attractions at the Bricktown District include the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark and the Bricktown Canal. You can enjoy a relaxing water taxi in the canal or take a post-dinner stroll and absorb the great nightlife this area has to offer. It is recommended you explore this area walking to enjoy it to the fullest.

Stockyards City
Stockyards City(Cliff - Flickr)

If you want to experience the Wild West during your visit, Stockyards City is a must-visit. Home to the largest livestock market in the world, Stockyards City holds live cattle auctions every Monday and Tuesday and these auctions are open to the public. Y

ou can find a number of shops specializing in things that are western. From a cowboy hat to boots, you can stroll around in your western attire and enjoy the experience. Some popular attractions include the Stockyards Stampede with real chuckwagons and costumed performers acting out an old-time gunfight.

Ghost Town in Cogar
Cogar(Tilden - Wikimedia Commons)

Probably not the attraction most people would be excited about but if you have ever liked post-apocalyptic world movies, you may want to give Cogar a visit. Cogar is an abandoned town that offers an eerie kind of beauty. The exterior of the abandoned W.S. Kelly gas station and general store in Cogar can be seen in the 1988 movie Rain Man.

Scissortail Park
Scissortail Park(Facebook)

Scissortail Park is Oklahoma City's newest 40-acres urban park. You can enjoy the lake, live music events, playgrounds, kayaking, and a relaxing stroll in the garden. Scissortail Park is open from 6 am to 11 pm daily and is without a doubt one of the best attractions to spend time with the family. You can pack some food and head over to the picnic grove where you can have lunch with a view. The Children's playground contains a net lens, geometric dome climbers, children’s gardens, and a large fort with a tower and slides. There is a dog park as well if you go there with your furry friend. There is an additional 30-acres of park opening in 2022.