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San Jose, CA

3 Successful TV & Film Productions Filmed in San Jose

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 28 days ago
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San Jose is a big city in Silicon Valley, a key technological center in California's Bay Area, framed by rolling hills. The city of San Jose has strong roots in the Bay Area and California

San Jose is an ideal location for filming due to its abundance of film industry infrastructure.

San Jose is a place for shooting award-winning movies, advertisements, TV shows, and series, which is ideal for filmmakers Over 200 films, TV shows, and documentaries, have been filmed in the San Jose area so far.

Some of the worth-watching movies and drama series filmed in San Jose are listed below.

The Good Doctor (from 2017)

The Good Doctor, a television series produced by David Shore, is based on the story of an autistic developmental surgeon. Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and Savant disorder, is accepted into a renowned hospital's surgical unit.

Shaun uses his exceptional medical gifts to save lives and question his colleagues' suspicion despite being alone in the world and unable to emotionally communicate with others around him.

This drama series provides a unique perspective on the challenges that autistic children and adults face regularly. It's about imagining what it's like for someone with some form of disability to have a good perspective on what they stand for. There is a chance that something greater will happen in life, and we must fight for it. Every episode of these drama series provides us with a learning experience.

Filming location:

San Jose, California, USA 


Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

James Cameron's Terminator 2 is one of the best action films ever made. This is an action-adventure film. Like the one who failed to kill Sarah Connor, a cyborg now has to protect her ten-year-old son, John Connor, from a more advanced and strong cyborg in this film.

This film is a sequel to Terminator 1984, where the first Terminator computer attempted to murder Sarah Connor and her unborn child. On the other hand, the supercomputer Skynet sends another Terminator, the T-1000, back in time.

With a quest to kill John Connor, who is indeed an infant, the modern terminator is more innovative and stronger than its predecessor.

Every single scene in this film is flawless and incredible.

Filming Location:

San Jose, California, USA


MythBusters (from 2003)

The MythBusters is a weekly series produced by Peter Rees and filmed in San Jose, California. Two Hollywood visuals experts try to refute urban myths in this documentary by putting them to the check.

Mythbusters investigates urban myths, tall stories, and conspiracy theories using statistical methods to assess their veracity. Myths are debunked or proven to be real, likely, plausible, or improbable. After genuine realistic experiments have proven or debunked a Hypothesis, the team would often take the experiment to its logical conclusion, using more advanced technologies than the myth might have used.

"MythBusters" is a fantastic show for both kids and adults. Adam and Jamie, the hosts, have a variety of unique production experiences between them. Adam and Jamie evaluate a theory that some people have heard of and see if the myth may work. They do this occasionally, and myths are usually debunked, hence the term "MythBusters."

When a myth is debunked, people do different things to see what they can do to make the myth work again, which is probably the most enjoyable part.

Filming Location:

The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California, USA


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