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San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Eats: Cocobang for Late Night Korean Eats

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Vee Eats
Vee Eats
 29 days ago
Vee Eats

If you’re looking for delicious Korean food for late-night munchies in the city, Cocobang is my go-to place after a night out for some comfort food. Before the pandemic, I used to frequent this place quite often after hitting the bars and clubs since this place usually opens past midnight and into the early AM. There have been times when I come around 2:00 AM and the wait will be 50-80 minutes according to the Yelp waitlist so make sure to put your name down before you arrive! Things might have changed a lot during the pandemic though. Cocobang is currently open for indoor dining but you can still call ahead to place an order for takeout or order online for delivery. Since this place is located in the Union Square/Lower Nob Hill area, there is no parking so you can find street parking around the area or find a parking lot. The restaurant is also pretty small and due to the limited seating during the pandemic, make sure to come early to secure a table if you want to try their delicious Korean food.

Since this is a Korean restaurant, you can find a great variety of items ranging from Korean fried chicken, delicious stews like soft tofu stew, potstickers, kimchi pancakes, galbi, and more. My favorites are the Korean fried chicken which you can order the whole chicken or wings and drumsticks. Other favorites are corn cheese, spicy rice cakes, kimchi fried rice, and their classic ramen. If I were to recommend one item, you should go for the fried chicken since it is very crispy but juicy on the inside. I like how the chicken is not too soggy and their wings are thoroughly coated with their delicioous sauce. Their soy garlic is my go-to but you can go for the classic and original taste or the tangy sauce. The corn cheese is also delicious and has that stringy cheese pull. Overall, Cocobang is a solid place for Korean bites and drinks.

For a late-night restaurant, Cocobang knows how to cater to the later crowd and all their items are very flavorful and hits the spot. The price is pretty average being in the city so it ranges around $12 - $15 per item. The food also comes out pretty quick and the staff is attentive and friendly. Be careful when you use the bathroom since you have to go down a narrow hallway and down the stairs but overall, Cocobang is the place to go when you have those cravings at night and is looking for a restaurant that closes late. It opens at 5:30 pm every day but closes at 4:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays and 2:00 am on a normal weekday. Overall, I would give Cocobang a try if you are in the area!