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Portland, OR

Top Chinese Restaurants in Portland

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Over the past few years, the city of Portland has become a travel destination for many from around the country. They may be drawn to its lush, green landscape or possibly to its cool summers, but their restaurant scene is enough to warrant a visit from any tourist. They are lucky enough to feature some amazing Chinese restaurants that should certainly be one of your destinations when you are in the Portland area. If you are in the mood for some authentic Chinese options, this city will have you covered. If you are interested in checking out some of the same spots I hit when I take a trip to this town, then read on to learn more about the top Chinese food restaurants in Portland.

Shandong Restaurant
Galva T on Yelp

Located in the Grant Park neighborhood, Shandong Restaurant has been in business in the Portland area for over 10 years. Open for both lunch and dinner, their California-raised chef features all of my favorites. As an appetizer, I always like to start with an order of their pan-fried pacific wontons. They are filled with snow crab and bell peppers stuffed in their house made pastry. Their sizzling rice soup always hits the spot on a rainy day. But if you really want to eat what they're most popular for, it's the Judy's Noodles and they're always handmade and delicious. For my favorite entrée, my favorite is their shitake mushroom beef which is slathered in their house sauce. Hits the spot every time.

What I recommend: Judy's Noodles or their wontons

Location: 3724 NE Broadway St Portland, OR 97232

Frank's Noodle House
Lauren J on Yelp

Who doesn’t love noodles? Located on Broadway Street, Frank's Noodle House has really perfected their noodles. Though they have plenty of non-noodle soups that always aim to please, I recommend you try their stir-fried hand pulled noodles with chicken breast or shrimp. There's a reason why this place is so popular and it's because their hand pulled noodles are one of a kind. You have never had noodles until you try Frank's. Of course, like most Chinese restaurants that aim to cater to everyone, they are not just noodles. The offer plenty of vegetarian options as well as fried rice. Their meat lover’s fried rice eats like a meal. If for some odd reason you are not in a noodle mood, then I suggest you try their stir-fried pork with napa cabbage.

What I recommend: Hand pulled noodles

Location: 822 NE Broadway St Portland, OR 97232

H K Cafe
Luke C on Yelp

Located on 82nd Avenue in Portland, H K Café features all of the traditional favorites you would expect. Their honey barbecue pork starter is great for sharing. To warm the belly, try a steaming bowl of their crab meat and fish maw soup. They also offer a huge selection of seafood options. For those who like it spicy, I recommend an order of their kung pao shrimp. They also offer tons of vegetarian options, ramen noodles, and fried rice. Even the little ones will enjoy their savory skewered meats. You will want to make sure to bring your appetite when you visit.

What I recommend: The fried rice or the hot pot is really good here

Location: 4410 SE 82nd Ave Ste 1000 Portland, OR 97266

If you were not thinking of the city of Portland as a destination for authentic Chinese cuisine, then I certainly hope I have done my part to change your mind. The next time you are in the Portland area, please consider treating yourself to one of these amazing spots. Every menu item is worth the visit, and I promise they will not disappoint.

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