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San Diego, CA

San Diego company raises uproar by selling prosthetic "packers" for baby girls to wear in panties or diapers

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Amy Christie
Amy Christie
 27 days ago

A San Diego-based crocheting and lifestyle website has been accused of a “new form of child abuse” on social media for selling crocheted prosthetic "packers" meant to be used by female children, even those in diapers, if their parents believe them to be transgender.

The company met with a major backlash for selling the “Bitty Bug Soft Packer”, meant “for use by trans and nonbinary folks, or as an anatomical model.”

How did the idea come about?

The designer of the viral pattern, Bethany Amborn, shared that she came upon the concept when she was “looking for a pattern to make a soft packer for myself.”

After going through several negative experiences and being “frustrated by the cost and discomfort of silicone options”, Amborn made the soft packer by using a free pattern she found on the internet and shared the product she came up with to a LGBTQ+ crocheting group.

What happened next?

“Immediately I had 2 parents ask me please, could you make one for my little son?" Amborn said.
"After hearing from a mother who was just crying with her son, unsure what to do to ease his pain of dysphoria and there being no options available for children, the very first packers I made were for 10 and 6-year-old little boys,”, Amborn added.

How did people react to such a product?

Social media user have been extremely critical of using such a product for babies.

“A knitted penis for extremely small girls to wear in their pants if their parents believe them to be transgender. It is intended for girls so young; they demonstrate the product in a diaper,”, a user wrote.
“The entire purpose of a prosthetic penises is if a trans identified female has some sort of genital anxiety, they can wear it to alleviate that dysphoria. Why would a very small, diaper wearing child have any concerns, anxieties, or even *awareness* of their genitals?????,”, the comment goes on.
“Knitted packers 'appropriate for children.' The site states they make these as 'Silicone prosthetics do not come in sizes appropriate for kiddos.' Yes, because children should be having fun, not worrying about a bulge in their underwear. Disgusting,”, another user complained.
“I wish this wasn't real but here we are. Knitted packers 'appropriate for children which girls can wear in diapers. Anyone who does this to their child should be arrested — this is child abuse,”another user wrote.
“Send the meteors. We are done here,” was a different comment form a shocked user.

A whole backlash ensued which could be summarized in the following comment about the San Dieog-based website and the product “Oh look, a new form of child abuse.”

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