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Los Angeles, CA

7 Weird Things to Do in Los Angeles

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Diana Bernardo
Diana Bernardo
 28 days ago
View from Griffith ParkTomás Sala on Unsplash

Los Angeles is a city full of artists and creative personalities. So, it is no wonder that some weird attractions are born by the hand of these people, to cater to the needs of an audience always craving for the next different, unconventional idea.

Below are 7 places you can visit in LA to satisfy your hunger for a weird, bizarre experience.

Underground Tunnels of Los Angeles

The 11 miles of tunnels that spread under the city used to host hidden bars and speakeasies during the time of prohibition laws. One of the most famous bars was King Eddies Saloon, accessible via a piano store, which served as the forefront of the establishment. 

Today, most of the underground network is closed to the public but you can still access a part of it if you dare to take the risk. Behind the Hall of Records, on Temple Street, you can find an old lift that will take you down to the underground, and back in time to the prohibition era.

Abandoned Zoo Ruins at Griffith Park

This spot is simply the old location of the Los Angeles zoo before it was moved to the new one, in 1966. While the animals were relocated, the structure remained, and you can now visit impressive ruins, empty animal enclosures, and what was once the simulation of the natural habitat of wild species. 

Over time, some picnic benches were added, making it a great place for a lunch out in an unconventional location.

It is located in Griffith Park and entry is free.

Museum of Death

With locations in both Los Angeles and New Orleans, the Museum of Death displays the world’s largest collection of anything related to death. From serial killer artwork to antique funeral ephemera, from Manson Family memorabilia to pet death taxidermy.

The guided tour lasts between 45 minutes and one hour but those who can handle the exhibition are welcome to stay at the museum for as long as they want.

You can find more info about the museum, including ticket prices and opening hours here.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

How about a walk amongst the dead? 

Even though it is a cemetery, Hollywood Forever is a beautiful, peaceful place for a walk. You will encounter the grave of many prominent figures of the entertainment industry or people who, otherwise, shaped the city’s history in one way or another.

Some of the people who found eternal rest in Hollywood Forever Cemetery are Burt Reynolds, Cecil B. DeMille, Judy Garland, Douglas Fairbanks, or Rudolph Valentino. 

The cemetery is also home to some events, namely movie screenings. You can learn more about the scheduled events here.

Watts Towers

Over 33 years, from 1921 to 1954, an Italian immigrant by the name of Simon Rodia, built this massive collection of 17 interconnected towers and structures, that are now known as the Watts Towers, and are a symbol of Art Brut and Italian-American naive art.

The towers are a 10-minute walk from the 103rd Street / Watts Towers Station on the metro blue line.

You can learn more about the towers, including the events held there, by clicking here.

California Institute of Abnormalarts

The California Institute of Abnormalarts, or CIA, is a nightclub and sideshow museum located in Nort Hollywood. It hosts musical performances, “freakshows” and any kind of shows that are hard to define, gathering crowds who seek something out of the ordinary. 

The CIA is owned and operated by Robert Ferguson and actor-screenwriter, and former mortician, Carl Crew. 

Cafe Jack

Cafe Jack is named after Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic. The owner was so moved by James Cameron’s piece that he transformed the whole interior of the cafe/restaurant to pay an hommage to Rose’s lover.

However, inside not much will remind you of Titanic, except for the shape of the restaurant itself, which simulates a boat. But the decoration is a mix of maritime elements with hearts, and the menu includes both Asian fusion dishes and pasta. 

The whole experience is crowned with tarot readings done by the owner of the place, Jack Shin.