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'You can’t depend on your partner to make you happy': Camila Cabello details 'fighting for her own joy' as she joins boyfriend Shawn Mendes in wellness campaign

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Camila Cabello has revealed that she is learning to be a better person to those she surrounds herself with and that she constantly fights for her own happiness.

The musician, 24, was speaking as part of her new partnership with mental wellness app Calm when she spoke about the lessons she received from her mother.

Camila, who is joined her boyfriend Shawn Mendes in the collaboration, said that she has been using meditation to learn 'how to create a better relationship with myself and how to be a better person to the people around me'.
'You can’t depend on your partner to make you happy': Camila Cabello has revealed that she is learning to be a better person to those she surrounds herself with and that she constantly fights for her own happiness

Revealing details about her childhood, Camila said that the one thing that her mother taught her which has always stayed with her is: 'You have one life, and it’s your responsibility to fight for your own happiness.'

Admitting that the words might sound obvious, the singer then asked if it is so obvious, why then is it so hard for people to stick to that rule.

She said: 'Even in a relationship, a really healthy relationship, you can’t depend on your partner to make you happy. Happiness is always an inside job. Nobody else is going to eat well and drink water for you. Nobody else is going to meditate for you.

'Other people can love and support you, they can believe in you and help you get back up when you fall, and that’s fantastic, but they can’t do it for you.'
Join forces: Shawn Mendes, 22, and his girlfriend Camila have created several audio content packages for the wellness app Calm to help people during Mental Health Awareness Month
Preview: Both musical artists put recorded multi-part segments discussing their own experiences of their mental health

During her recordings, Camila also said that she has learned, through meditation, to focus on the small gap between having a thought and acting on it - in order to make the right decision for her.

Citing social media usage as an example, she said: 'Instead of automatically pulling out your phone, just pause and sit with that feeling. Allow yourself to experience that impulse and the discomfort of not acting on it.'

The recordings come as part of a partnership that Camila and Shawn , 22, have formed with the wellness app Calm.
Learning: In one of her recordings, Camila said she had been educating herself on how to form a better relationship with herself

Both celebrities sat down to record an 11-part content package exclusively for the app with the aim of sharing their own experiences to try and help people through Mental Health Awareness Month.

While Camila's recordings focused more on the unpredictability of life and how she tries to encourage self-positivity, her boyfriend focuses more on discovering his own personal philosophy and learning how to overcome fear.

Shawn said: 'I think we spend so much of our lives lost in our own minds, anxiety about the next thing on your list, replays of awkward conversations, fantasies about finally hitting some achievement that your mind has built up as this all-important endgame.

'Sitting down and doing basically nothing doesn’t seem like it would be so hard, but it is. When my mind is so filled with thoughts that I can’t even sit in silence for a few minutes, then I definitely need to sit in silence for a few minutes.
Fight: The musician also said that nobody will hand you happiness, you have to learn to fight for it

'In a sense, that’s what I’m learning at the heat of meditation – it’s the skill of just being present and aware, experiencing the moment instead of just rushing through it.'

Through his meditation, Shawn said he has learned to be better at letting go and not letting his ego get in the way of his creativity while songwriting.

'You have to show up and let go,' he said. 'Be open and be in love, and when I am, that’s when my favourite type of art comes out of it.

'That’s when you create something that reflects who you truly are, not who you think you should be, but who you are.'
Philosphical: Meanwhile, Shawn focused his talks more on his personal journey to discover his personal mantra

The musician also revealed that he has been making time for himself to focus on philosophy, in order to discover his own personal mantra.

Camila and Shawn have been in a relationship since July 2019, although they had known each other for several years prior to becoming romantically linked.

The now-couple began their friendship in the mid-2010's as they bonded over navigating the early stages of their respective musical careers.

In 2015, they debuted their collaborative single I Know What You Did Last Summer, which was eventually released on Shawn's first studio album, Handwritten.
Peace: Shawn said that one mistake many people make is to try and push fear to the side or cover it over

Over the next few years, the pair would make several public appearances together, even though Camila was dating life coach Matthew Hussey at the time.

In 2019, the songstress ended her relationship with her former boyfriend and began spending more time with the There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back singer, although he denied that the two were romantically linked.

However, the couple was spotted kissing in July, and after a few months of trying to keep their connection out of the public eye, they went Instagram official later that year.

In December last year, Shawn spoke to Entertainment Tonight and expressed that he and Camila have 'absolutely' talked about getting engaged, as they have known each other for such a long time.
Educated: The artist also said that he had become better at controlling his ego, so that it didn't negatively impact on his work

'She's been one of my best friends since I was, like, 15 years old.... I know we are really young so I don't want to jump, like, insanely fast, but I think when you find your person, you feel and you know that you have found your person,' he added.

The Treat You Better songwriter also noted that their time together often serves as the inspiration for their respective musical efforts.

'I think we are both super sensitive which creates a lot of sensitivity in our relationship, but we are songwriters so we are constantly searching for the best topics in life,' he noted.
Happy couple: Shawn was pictured kissing his girlfriend Camila's cheek in a heartwarming snap that was posted to her Instagram account last month

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